New Releases 29 July 22

Big release week for pop girls.

Was enjoying my first play through of Beyoncé, then it accelerates from pretty great to incredible from Virgo’s Groove onwards. Was reading up about her dedicating this album to her Uncle Johnny, a wonderfully apt tribute. It really takes those house and ball influences, combines them with her recent ventures in R&B and afrobeat and the product is a hell of a lot of fun.

Maggie Rogers - Surrender
Second album from pop/folk singer songwriter, had a brief listen through these and it seems good so far, varied bunch of tracks between the softer moments and the punchier guitar and electro influenced tracks, plenty of heart throughout.

King Princess - Hold on Baby
Not gone through this yet but reviews seem alright, wasn’t fully sold on her debut but always felt she had promise.

Hayley Kiyoko - PANORAMA
Follow up album to her confident, self assured debut, gave this a cursory listen but it’s nowhere close to her past work, feels incredibly light and one note, bit Selena Gomez-y. Thought I’d mention it as it’s flown under the radar for quite a few.

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Hoover iii have a new album out today - think that’ll be what I’m mostly going for.


Domo Genesis new album produced by Evidence is top of my list today, followed by whatever else I find on the thread.


This is an unusual Liam Gallagher song …b side I think

Released in August last year …

It’s out on vinyl today.

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Almost a year later. Wow.


Incredible isn’t it. I thought the ‘finally’ in their tweet about it was really quite restrained!

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Strong album anyway so worth the vinyl wait :slight_smile:


Will be listening to some jazz:
Jeremy Cunningham - A better Ghost
A Better Ghost showcases a balance between free-improvisation and a more produced side that has been woven together through personal connection - Cunningham, Laurenzi, and Bryan have found in each other natural muses, working with and off of each other to build musical wonders.*

And also keen to check out the aformentionned Andrew Tuttle and Florist whose earlier material has found favour with me plus for the first time based on good reviews: Friendship and Tallies.

Based on the comments by trusted Dissers Ithaca too who are new name on me

*descriptive by rough trade as in a hurry!


Liking it a good amount so far, though feels a little more psych rock this time when I remember the last being a bit more … like hazy psych pop?


Listening to this Chat Pile album after it’s good review in Pitchfork today. It’s great so far and yeah, proper Jesus Lizard vibes!


Hey! Im enjoying this new of Montreal.


New album by atmospheric black metal band Grima out today. I’ve been looking forward to this one. Just started listening and love it already!

There’s definitely a bit of early Slipknot and Korn in there too (in a good way)

New Tallies record is exactly the jangly sundays inspired dream pop i wanted. The melodies and hooks mwah


New Emeka Ogboh album out today, I loved Beyond The Yellow Haze so really looking forward to this.

“While Beyond The Yellow Haze took a more macro sonic overview of various areas in Lagos, 6°30′33.372″N 3°22′0.66″E turns its hyper-specific geographical focus toward the sounds and voices within the city’s Ojuelegba bus station and its environs.”


Lots of good jazz out today. The Jeremy Cunningham album has already been mentioned, but we also have these too…


Debut album from the very talented young duo out on Blue Note records. Features include Herbie Hancock, Thundercat, Anderson .Paak and Mac DeMarco. Half way through it at the moment and really good so far.

Robohands - Violet

Smooth, jazzy little numbers. Really enjoyed his previous three albums, so looking forward to jumping into this


oh this’ll be interesting, been so much buzz around them for years and so many little youtube jam clips that having an actual album of originals feels a bit odd

also a Mac feature feels so right for them

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