New Releases 29 July 22

so, lots to like with the Florist album - just love how she writes a song, and there’s some awesome production going on with the ambient touches, glitchy effects and all the different instrumentation (great brass especially). River’s Bed is probably my standout track

that said reallly don’t think it earns the length/track count. About a quarter of the album was interludes/pretty aimless instrumentals from my count - obviously there’s lovely moments in there, and they can be nice linking passages between the full songs. But there’s just way too much of them and to me just serves to distract from the songs and makes me drift off a bit when I want to be paying attention. Not a great choice imho

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The Cheerbleederz album came out on Wednesday and didn’t make last week’s thread so I’m sure it’s fine in here. Ft. Members of Fresh, Me Rex and Supermilk.


Electronic Jazz (for want of a neater genre description) on this new EP from Joe Armon-Jones & Mala


Well this is a bit bloody good!

Apologies for not doing Spotify links (not really, I hate them). Such a nice release day for me, I make a rare foray onto the thread.

Yes !! I can actually listen to the whole Sun’s Signature EP now. Unopened RSD 12” remains unplayable (as no current turntable, not cos it’s bent). Well worth the 30 year wait :blush: Liz Fraser, we remain unworthy.

Say yes again for the Florist LP. I’m enjoying this more than the previous ones and noting the BT comparisons.

A welcome yes for a new Olafur Arnalds soundtrack for `Surface’. Apple TV snapping up the top top soundtrackers after the recent Mogwai effort. I’m sure it helps pay the bills :blush:

Lastly, a huge yes !!’ for the new Breathless album – See Those Colours Fly’ . Well worth the 10 year wait !! I’ve bigged up the lovely single on the Shoegaze/Dreampop thread and the album is full of spacey guitars, mournful vocals and a hankering for your teenage life to be lived again…

My weekend listening truly sorted.


Not doing Spotify links is one thing, but not writing out the artist and title in an easily copy-pasteable way for the poor sod who makes the weekly polls is quite another… :wink:


LOL. Sorry to that poor sod. But if he listens to the music, he’ll get over it.

Don’t know how/why the text went wonky tho’…

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PC Music-adjacent mixtape from BABii released yesterday, I really liked her album Miirror from last year

I bought this today

It’s fantastic. For lovers of Italo/Jazzy Chicago House/Korg M1/Balearic majesty

For those trying to find this artist on Spotify I can report that there are 4 Galaxy Brains who are not this Galaxy Brain, and each of them are terrible in their own way.

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Enjoying this, metal protomartyr

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there’s a quick EP of tunes out today that I had stored away, as a thank you to people who chipped in for a recent satan fundraiser:

really beautiful as expected x

im into this but im in the right mood

This is an absolute monster. Amazing

some punky stuff feat. Bouncing Souls, Bad Religion, and Lifetime

This is nice

My selfish expectations were absurdly high after the 3 singles but after first listen to the whole album I am taken back. Incredibly raw, powerful and real. Favorite track so far is Pamela.


This is a sweeeet single from Mr J Healey

Tried that Chat Pile Album. It’s good. Definitely got Korn sounds but much more interesting lyrically than Korn. Really good stuff.