New Releases 29 June 2018


This week for me is all about East Brunswick All Girls Choir

Not all girls, and not a choir. I think fans of Aussie swamp dirge noise rock will love this. For Fans of Drones, Birthday Party, Devastations, Beasts of Bourbon; and even their label mates C Barns and Jen Cloher - check them out




Just listened to the new Sweet Baboo record, but not a great deal in the way of melody on it, which is strange for him.

Since Kamasi Washington has added The Choice to Spotify now, I’ll give that a go too.

Not too much else today though.


Nothing that I’m fussed about today. I might give the Jim James, Gorillaz and Essex Green albums a spin, but I’m in no rush to hear any of them.

I guess the big release is Drake’s album, but I’ve never bothered with him before, so I’m unlikely to start now


John Coltrane’s ‘lost’ album Both Directions At Once for me


Didn’t know about either of these, so as I’m currently on Heaven & Earth again anyway, I may as well extend it to add The Choice as well


Let’s Eat Grandma - really intrigued for this one.

Will give the new Florence & The Machine a spin as well, although didn’t get on with album 3 really.


The new one from Let’s Eat Grandma is great.

Have Gwenifer Raymond (for fans of John Fahey), Jim James, Jaye Jayle (Young Widows) and will definitely try East Brunswick All Girls Choir. Sounds like something I will love.


The Self Defense Family record that @Severed799 has been pushing for the last forever is out today so I’ll need to get on that


Oh gosh, new Florence has an song called ‘South London Forever’ - I know I’ve defended her to the hilt on these boards, but this might be too much…


This is fantastic. FFO Nick Cave and Mark Lanegan I suppose. Brooding Americana.

Also have Let’s Eat Grandma and Wild Moccasins lined up


Honestly sounds like a budget Lanegan to me. Not sure what the fuss is about. Shame as I love Young Widows.


Shame, I enjoyed it. What you gonna do 🤷


Opinions, eh? The folks at Echoes & Dust have gone mental for it as well and I feel a bit left out. He seems like a decent fella though so I’m pleased he’s doing well.


It’s Resident’s aotw too. So a bit of traction. Ah well. Each to their own.


Let’s Eat Grandma absolutely bangs


My love for Lanegan is unhealthy. Will start it in few minutes.




The new Self Defense Family album is a cracker, the best thing they’ve done to date. Already been rinsing that thanks to an early release on bandcamp.

Hollow Sunshine have a new album out for anyone who likes super-heavy shoegazey stuff. Could be good.

There was something else that I only found yesterday afternoon that it was being released today and I remember thinking, “I must remember to check that out.” Can I remember what it is? Can I fuck.

Gonna check out Let’s Eat Grandma, they sound fun.



…have new EP, Beautiful Ruin, out today. Will also be checking out Let’s Eat Grandma, Self Defense Family and East Brunswick All Girls Choir due to the OP (sounds right up my street)