New Releases 29 June 2018

Norman Recorda weekly mail out

Liking the Jay Jayle - reminds me a bit of Twilight Singers.

This is excellent! Thanks for the recommend :ok_hand:

April Towers for some eighties goodness

How did a new Converge EP pass me by?! Getting on that!

It’s over in a flash btw… 4 track, 6 minute EP :metal:


^reply meant for @PaintyCanNed but I just replied to the OP :upside_down_face:

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Self Defence Family are ticking all the boxes for me!
Never heard them before and am delighted to see loads of releases on their Bandcamp.

Where does one go after this record?

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Heaven is Earth is the obvious place. Great record. Their albums are all good, their eps experimental and a bit patchy.

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I’ve been really stuckist recently and in dire need for something new. Will dive in.

Also I generally appreciate a band with experimental and patchy EPs. Looking forward to working my way through them.


Oh and check out the singer Patrick Kindlon’s other band Drug Church if you like more straight forward sardonic punk noise. Hit your Head and Paul Walker are both fun records.


It’s kinda cool how on the eps between Heaven is Earth and the new one you can hear them building towards the sound they ended up with. There are only a handful of keeper tracks but it’s interesting to hear them evolve bit by bit.

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Ace. I’ll work the catalog in order in that case.


Floex released a new album, amazing electronica RIYL Max Cooper, Jon Hopkins.

There’s a new Orbital track but haven’t heard it yet and Paradise Lost have remixed and remastered one of their albums that no one bothered with the first time, Believe in Nothing. Sound pretty good on first listen.

I’d be picking up Let’s Eat Grandma on the strength of Falling Into Me alone.
Gone are the schoolroom instruments and awkward rapping… it’d almost be a betrayal if they hadn’t got so good.

Intrigued by Let’s Eat Grandma, will listen later. Kamasi as well.
Currently listening to Graham Nash demos which are out today. He doesn’t get the heat that the others in CSNY do, but he’s got some great tunes. ‘Songs for Beginner’s’ album is particularly recommended, mainly because of ‘Simple Man’, supposedly written the day he split up with Joni.

hooray, a new fan!

as @colossalhorse says, Heaven is Earth is definitely the next place to go to in terms of album (Try Me is great as well but you can tell they’re still scratching the surface there and the production lets it down a little for me) but there’s loads of good tracks on their various songs and EPs, which I collected here:

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thanks for the introduction. Yes Let’s Eat Grandma is the big release today (and to be fair, it is bangin’) but please also consider punk music*, Self Defense Family, anything else, etc.

*more dreamy post-rock/indie at this point, but it’s a great title eh?

I’ll dive into this for sure! Cheers.

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Gosh, that was far too short. Title track is GOOD

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