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What’s on your radar today?

Arushi Jain - Delight

California-based and Delhi-born singer, pianist, and modular synthesist. Loved her last album ‘Under the Lilac Sky’ so looking forward to this.

Beyoncé - Cowboy Carter



Frail Body - Artificial Bouquet



Xploding Plastix - Thus EP - EP - Electro
Hyper active beats with a loving melodic underbelly. Packed full of experimentation, playful use of instruments and odd timings; its creative yet familar.
Released: April 2nd | Fave track: I Would Prefer Not To | FFO: Aphex Twin, Dan Deacon
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Laurent Bardainne & Tigre d’Eau Douce - Eden Beach Club - LP - Soul
Its late so obviously I’ll be a sucker for some soulful smooth jazz. I enjoy all their releases, although I’ve not heard anything I enjoyed more than 2020’s ‘Love is Everywhere’ yet. Its chill, its comfortably smooth and its a delight.
Released: March 29 | Fave track: Globules rouges | FFO: Kokoroko
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might go see these guys in a couple of weeks based on this record!

Chastity belt - live laugh love

Nice to have them back for more melancholic indie rock. FFO hot rock era Sleater Kinney


Sahra Halgan - Hiddo dhawr

Funky garage rock from the disputed state of Somaliland in east Africa. Knew I’d be into this as soon as I saw the album cover, and it isn’t letting me down. FFO Analog Africa and Habibi Funk compilations.


A few Rap/Hip-Hop albums…

Roc Marciano - Marciology

Real Bad Man & Lukah - Temple Needs Water, Village Needs Peace

Blu & Shafiq Husayn - Out Of The Blue


A Country Western - Life on the Lawn

Philly based band doing a bunch of songs. Power pop, post grunge, alt rock sorta vibes


A Country Western - Life on the Lawn

Not to be confused with the Country Westerns. Rock and roll from Philadelphia.

Holiday Ghosts - Coat of Arms

Brighton band’s latest offering of jangly indie.


Great minds etc.


Conor Lynch - Slow Country

Michigan based singer songwriter with their new one. The title track is lovely. Folky stuff, with elements of indie pop sprinkled through

Kelly Moran - Moves in the Field

Multi-layered modern classical piano.

Main one for me today. On Warp Records, Brooklyn experimental composer Kelly Moran is working with the Disklavier, a programmable player piano, as a duet partner, creating intricate (and in some cases inhumanly possible) programmed pieces on the Disklavier and playing a regular piano over the top to create something rather special.

Carme López - Quintela

Debut album by Galician artist and teacher. Experimental work in four movements for Galician bagpipes.

The Burning Hell - Hardly Working EP

Alt-folk/indie. Prince Edward Island’s finest with an EP of songs about work, a companion piece to the Ariel Sharratt and Mathias Kom Never Work album

Various Artists - 5 Years Of GD4YA

Compilation EP from the South London dubstep/UK garage/electronica label


The Rocky Valentines - Erase

Debut album from this indie pop project from California.

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Il Quadro di Troisi - La Commedia
Lovely Italian synth-pop.

Julius Gabriel - Tales from the Subterranean
FFO Colin Stetson

Big Black Delta - Reworks Vol. 1
I liked a song of his from a few years ago, but I can’t remember it now. Apparently he’s more synthy usually, with this being a Scott Walker-esque acoustic and string set of reworkings of his song. The first few songs sound quite beautiful, so I’m looking forward to listening properly and maybe investigating the originals afterwards. Each of the songs have ‘(Acoustic)’ written after them, but the end of the first track definitely doesn’t sound like what I’d normally expect an ‘acoustic’ song to sound like.


So good it needs posting twice

The High Llamas - Hey Panda

Poppy and electronic, apparently inspired by Khalid and Disclosure and featuring Bonnie “Prince” Billy, Fryars and Rae Morris.

Edna Million - The Pool
Viennese musician’s debut album, who is named after a character in a Tom Waits song. Cinematographic, dark acoustic songs, with a voice which makes you want to pay attention. FFO Keeley Forsyth’s voice.


Ride have a new one out. Will check Arusha Jain first though

Lukah is sounding promising so far. Permanently Blackface was one of my favourite hip hop albums of last year.

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Skee Mask - ISS010

German ambient techno producer Bryan Müller, a.k.a. Skee Mask continues setting the bar for others to reach.