New Releases 3/5/19

Vampire Weekend is finally here!

Still open woohoo!

not sure if it’s the done thing for these threads to JAG but my band released their new single today, it’s kinda camera obscura(ish) indie pop

I’d JAG it in the real thread if I were you, this one is garbage

you’ve absolutely done me here mate and i for one salute you

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The new Amon Amarth is out. Why isn’t DiS going crazy for the best in Viking Metal?
I mean, this place sometimes :confused:

Wait. Garbage have a new album out today?


I’ve listened to your band before without realising.
You are very good.

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Big fan of the special edition that comes with a shield.

thanks man! :grin:

No bother.
Listened to the album a good bit.
You should play over here some time.

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we’re planning some gigs in galway and dublin for later this year, are you further north than that?

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Aye good ol Belfast.

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