New Releases 30/03/2018

Not usually one to start a post, but these threads are generally my favourites on here. So much good music recommended in these threads.

This week I’m planning on listening to…
FACS: The guys from Disappears
Frankie Cosmos
Moon Gangs: Keyboardist from Beak> doing some kosmische stuff in the Tangerine Dream arena, or something.

I’ve had the Vaccines album on this morning - more of the same from them, but enjoyable.

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Currently almost finished the Frankie Cosmos album. Liking it, fun stuff, as per

Not much else lined up. Going to give the Major Murphy album a go and see what that’s about after work. And that’s about it



Just put on the new YAMANTAKA//SONIC TITAN album this morning, and enjoying it a lot (heavy -ish, shoegazey).
I am on my second run, and it is even better.


For me it’s all about Sons of Kemet with My Queen is a Reptile - a couple of strong tunes released already, particularly My Queen is Harriet Tubman. Powerful, Caribbean tinged jazz. Can’t wait to hear full album.

Also going to give Orquesta Akokan a spin - seems to be a collaborative effort from a group spanning several generations of the Havana music scene. I saw it described as the Saturday night to Buena Vista Social Club’s Sunday morning, which grabbed my attention.


Looking forward to Sons of Kemet too - been hammering My Queen is Harriet Tubman all week. There’s also a Blue Lab Beats LP out today with some pretty good names collaborating - Ashley Henry, Moses Boyd, Nubya Garcia among them.

Hey there’s also a new single by Belly today.

I might even stick the Cabbage record on, as, controversy aside, they had some really good stuff out a couple of years ago…that debut EP especially. Not been so good recently.

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New Zeke album is a return to form - similar tone to their late 90s releases e.g Flat Tracker/Kicked in the Teeth etc.

Kacey Musgraves and Amen Dunes for me this week.

Everyone please listen to Amen Dunes.


Excellent isn’t it


First post on here, but have been loving this weekly thread.

Really enjoying the new Spanish Love Songs album - for those who enjoyed the Menzingers last album i’d recommend it.

Also got Amen Dunes, Frankie Cosmos, Orqueta Akokan and Czarface & MF Doom collaboration lined up and will be dipping into the Lawrence Arms best of which has got five unreleased tracks from the Oh!Calcutta! sessions.


About to give Kate Nash’s first album in 5 years a spin. It got 9/10 from our reviewer.

sophomore from C Diab - Exit Rumination, first album was a belter, this sounds lovely, ambient instr…

Going into town to pick up the Chris Carter album, out today.


Hot Take: Ian McCulloch got stoned and forgot the words.

He’s not bad, but this is surprisingly pedestrian for Sacred Bones.

I did and don’t like it

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Fucking hell the new Zeke is a perfect punk rock ranger. Never thought they’d do another album, let alone a perfect carbon copy of Dirty Sanchez. Amazing.

just listening to this and it’s awesome

the track Hungry Ghost in particular is the definition of a stomper

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NPR has been stream Amen DunesFreedom for the past week, and I have been rinsing it big time. As others say, if you haven’t given it a spin yet, do. Also the Joan Shelly EP, Rivers and Vessels, released a couple of days back, is lovely.

Onto stuff I haven’t heard, will be getting my freak on and trying Trembling BellsDungeness, hoping the psych outdoes the folk.