New Releases 30/07/2021

Another week rolls by. What’s up your sleeve today?

Skirts - Great Big Wild Oak

Indie pop on double double whammy. Singles have been gorgeous.

TORRES - Thirstier

More indie pop. 5th album and follow up to to last year’s Silver Tongue.

Probably a load more to discover too


Just the Obits live album so far.

Really nice to hear them again as I’ve not listened in too long.

A band started by the Hot Snakes singer when they stopped but less fuzzy and more of a surf-twang to the punk/hardcore feels.


Downloaded totally due to the band’s name

Bit of emo punk for you - don’t think i’ll listen to it more than once or twice, but harmless enough

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Two for me today

Bleachers (indie pop) - singles have been promising

Son Volt (alt country)

Edit - didn’t me to reply to you @PaintyCanNed


Important to keep things modern and current and forward looking so I’ll be listening to a new live album from Pavement from 1994.


I’ve got LUMP, Billie Eilish and Laura Cannell/Kate Ellis lined up for today.

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Billie Ellish the biggie this week, and whatever the good people of DiS put in my direction.


John Glacier for me, been quite excited about it for a while… left-field U.K. rap / electronica / sort of unclassifiable. Reminds me in spirit of Dean Blunt (if not sound)

Will also check Isiah Rashad, who’s last album half a lifetime ago was sensational & really underrated:


Durand Jones and the Indications is the biggy for me. FFO 70’s funk and soul. New singles sound synthy.


Going to check out the new Prince album with my expectations set to very, very low. Will be happy enough if there’s one track that stands out.

Will probably have a listen to Mocky’s new one too. His stuff usually falls somewhere between laid back white-boy soul and electronica

Balimaya Project - Wolo So

Collective mixing the folkloric music of the West African Mandé people with jazz and the modern sounds of black London.


I’ve got a real good feeling about this Torres record based on the singlea


Nothing caught my eye yet. Will see what Ecuadorean P-Funk or Malawian instrumental surf-tinged hip-hop gets shared later.


Forgot about John Glacier, her singles have been mega.

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Isaiah Rashad is top of my list today, I agree with @BigAl about his last album & hope this one delivers

Also staying Hip-Hop the Dave East & Harry Fraud + DJ Muggs & Hologram albums will both get a listen

Then whatever other interesting stuff that DIS suggest on this thread.


Weapons grade steppers from the mighty Kessler


Torres album is ace :ok_hand:


The new billie eilsh is so much better than the debut. The production is top notch and the songwriting is so much stronger across the board.

John Francis Flynn - I Would Not Live Always

Folk album with some electronic background elements and stunning production

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Los Lobos (one of the great American bands) have a covers album out

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