New Releases - 30.08.2019

What does everyone have lined up?

It’s Palm Haze day for me. Earlier this year I heard their song “Wildflower” in one of the Rolling Shoegaze threads and it blew me away instantly (and it looks as if it’s going to be on the album). I’ve made this comparison before, but if the idea of Sonic Youth’s 'Cross the Breeze being mixed with the shoegaze blasts of peak Silversun Pickups appeals to you, you need to listen to this song. I’ve been wrong before but given how good their debut EP was, I don’t think this album is going to disappoint.

I’ll also give the new Tool album a shot, but my expectations are tempered.


Whitney’s new one for me. I loved Light Upon the Lake so really looking forward to giving it a listen later.


Tool, The Futureheads and Ezra Furman for me

Will probably give Palm Haze a go now after that lovely description. Love 'Cross the Breeze

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Yes! All about this.


(I think he likes HTRK)


So much today for me!

Will definitely be listening to Whitney but also excited about the album release from Shards on Erased Tapes. Glitchy vocal ensemble stuff.

There’s a Kronos Quartet recording of a Terry Riley work out for all you minimalists.

And will be giving the new Joan Shelley album a spin but found the last one kinda dull.

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!!! Have a new album out today called wallop. The single was good so I’ll give it a whirl.

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The Whitney album is lovely

!!! and Paranoid London for me


Paranoid London, Tool, Sleep Token, there’s a new Sisters of Mercy Peel session and a new ANNA single out.
Busy morning so.

Just !!! and Futureheads from albumland. Although listening to Palm Haze as recommended by @TAFH33 and it’s good.

Looking forward to September - that’s when album releases pick up again.

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Bon Iver (now it’s out on CD), Joan Shelley, Lana Del Rey and Sheryl Crow (shut up)

New Hesitation Wounds out today which i’m really looking forward to.

Already listened to the new Portrayl of Guilt and it sounds brilliant as expected.

Was looking forward to the new Bonnie Prince Billy until i realised he was collaborating with some punk from the National. That’s tempered the excitement a little but will listen at some point

Think i heard the Tool album may be out today so i’ll put aside 90 minutes for that later!

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gonna have a look for this; good shout

Whitney! Been rinsing the singles. Perfect album to come out at this time of year. Will also be listening to !!! and Palm Haze. Lovely stuff.

Not expecting great things from it having been a bit underwhelmed by the singles, but will give the new album by the returning Salad a nostalgic listen at some point. The Sleeper album turned out to be far better than I’d anticipated, so you never know.

The Palm Haze recommendation was a good one though thanks, enjoyed listening to that on the train this morning.


that new pinegrove single is a belter eh?

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Ta for the tip. Well up for some returning Salad.

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Gender Roles, ‘Prang’

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Anna Painting from Four Tet is on Spotify