New Releases 30/10/2020

Stankonia is 20 tomorrow and a deluxe edition is out (with completely inessential bonus tracks, but I’ll still be listening to the album anyway).


Holy fuck this is great


Holy shit everyone there’s a new War On Women lp out! Their last one was superb so high hopes here - super charged feminist punk anthems


New Dua Lipa / Angele banger

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I love Jasmine Guffond.

Microphone Permission from earlier in the year is excellent if you haven’t checked it out.

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Ahh new Andrew Bird, lovely. Just about the ideal music to soundtrack a work day

@paulo13 check out Armchair Apocrypha if you haven’t already, by far and away his best album imho opinion


New Common - 9 songs and about 30 mins long, loving this trend for short rap albums lately


The new NOTHING album sounded like a big return to form when I listened in the early hours of the morning. The last had some tunes but was so powerlessly produced that it made little impact on me.

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I’m starting here today on the strength of the band name alone

Ooh, I used to be a bit of a Jim White fan for a few of his albums (Static On The Radio is such a great song), but then drifted off from him. This album sounds nice enough so far!


Mr Bungle, Common and a new Magik Markers album… didn’t even know they were still making music

Will give this a go. Seems to have found his lane of fairly unadventurous dad rap in recent years though. Listened to Electric Circus a lot over the summer, and that’s really aged better, and sounds more current than anything he’s doing now.

Going to be rinsing SUUNS today, I can feel it.

OPN, Bungle, Sun Ra Arkestra for me today

Thou/Emma Ruth Rundle is the main event today. Expecting huge things from that.

Not quite ready for that yet though. The Jermainesoul ep is sounding excellent in the meantime - really exciting to hear stuff from folks I don’t know on Disintegration State. Though a bit intimidating how good they are…

Excited by the new OPN album as well. Will probably also give the Mr Bungle album a listen too but I’m not expecting much. Would much prefer some gonzo new stuff than a trip down memory lane from when they weren’t all that interesting.

My first thoughts on the Eels album after a listen late last night were not positive. But, a few duffers aside, it’s actually pretty solid. No better or worse than his other late period releases.

The only other one I have lined up is Sinai Vessel. I gave the pre-release tracks a listen after the review in the latest GFP. Sounds promising.

Busy day for me, which is unexpected.

Mr. Bungle is great, if too long on first listen. Just a fantastic thrash album, Dave and Scott are a great addition.

Emma Ruth Rundle & Thou.

Brilliant on first listen, such a great blend of metal tinged Americana and filthy sludge.

Nothing for indie shoegaze

Puscifer, (One of) Maynard from Tool’s other bands. Usually worth a listen.

Fort Romeau for some synth dance music (I hope, it might be ambient, I have’t checked yet)

Ba’al Blackened post metal

That should be enough to keep me going.



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Damn. Maybe next week.


came out last week but yeh interesting