New releases - 30/6/17

Obvs all the techno-heads should be giving the new Porter Ricks a listen. Dubby dub dub techno - barely anything in the treble range. Just done my second listen and I’m enjoying it so far - sounds like a distant rave heard from underwater.

Next up will be Nadia Struiwigh on the wonderful CPU label (throwback acid/melodic techno). Everything they release is gold.

Then it looks like there’s a new Richard H Kirk album, which will presumably sit somewhere on the broad spectrum between IDM and industrial experimentation.

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This is getting barely any traction, but the drummer from Deerhunter has put out a very solid album today under the name Moon Diagrams. I’m really digging it, reminds me a bit of that fantastic MJ Guider album from last year with a few pop diversions:


Will probably get the Beach House B-sides/rarities album as I’m sad like that

there’s a jay-z album

New Floating Points thing is good


Just going to Banquet to pick up my pre-order. He did a show at the Shacklewell Arms a year ago which was great.

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Yeah this is great, the last track is :fire:

The Richard H Kirk album is really pleasing. It’s got that 80s/early 90s electro-industrial aesthetic (the light-hearted end of the spectrum, rather than the Skinny Puppy end) but with more modern production values.

Heliocentrics - The Sunshine Makers OST

Daniel O’Sullivan (Mothlite, Ulver, etc.) - Veld

Not a great deal out today, but very much liking the new Snapped Ankles EP.


Going to check this out solely on the comparison to that MJ Guider album (one of my faves of 2016).

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Missed new USA Nails on release last week. Worth a thread bump

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