New releases - 31/03/17


Not sure March needs another week of releases given the quality it already has to its name. But here we go.

Geotic’s Abysma is sounding good on first listen. Melodic techno - reminds me a bit of Lusine maybe.

What you listening to?


Jamiroquai releases Automaton.

It’s very good, if you like that sort of thing. And I do.


I’ve listened to Jamiroquai this morning, and now Goldfrapp. Both are just sort of ‘happening’ in my ears. The Jamiroquai album (I love the band, even like Jay Kay despite him obviously being a wanker) would be better as instrumentals, or with guest vocalists. His tone starts to grate after a while, which has become the standard on their last few.

I’ll listen to The Return of the Space Cowboy afterwards to remember them being brilliant.

Obviously that new Kendrick song is the balls, if that counts?


Loving new Kendrick and BROKEN SOCIAL SCENE!


Tall Ships record is out today. I’ve had it for a while and it sounds good!

Love the new BSS track, and Kendrick :fire: :fire:


New British Sea Power too :+1:


Always look forward to this thread on a Friday.

I quite enjoyed the new Manuela LP and the new one from Lambert so would recommend both of them.

Gave up on Wire and Goldfrapp pretty quickly, but I did like the singles from each.

Going to give Geotic a try after I finish listening to Sinkane (again) and I’ll try Tall Ships and Broken Social Scene too as I’ve liked them in the past.


How’s the new Omar Rodriguez-Lopez?


@Lo-Pan I think eps is trying to ask you a question


Didn’t know Wire had a new album coming out… This is exactly why these threads are great. Will check this out over the weekend. Cheers for the tip off!


I heard some of the new British Sea Power as I’m seeing them later today at Rough Trade East. It’s good enough. None of their stuff has been close to their debut but it’s a good listen.


Would be interesting to hear what you think of it. I love ‘Short Elevated Period’ but couldn’t get into much else.


Doesn’t Short Elevated Period represent the rest of the albums sound/direction then? I’ve not heard it, so I can’t comment. Thought last years Nocturnal Koreans was brilliant!


It’s more immediately anyway. But then I was kinda the same with Nocturnal Koreans - I liked the single off that but didn’t pay the whole LP much mind.


Freddie Gibbs - You Only Live Two Wice out today as well :+1:


have never been all that bothered about new Wire stuff but picked the new album for review and really liked it


Ah I see, well I suppose that’s a good sign for me. Shame you couldn’t get into though. Will let you know my thoughts after I give it a spin!


Goldfrapp - Silver Eye
Mastodon - Emperor Of Sand
Pharmakon - Contact


Body Count - Bloodlust


Aimee Mann’s new one is good