New releases - 31/03/17


Team, can we sum up the releases we’re excited about with a rough genre at least? I hate to be that guy, but it would help me prioritise what to check out.
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New releases 21/04/17

good point


Ok - Manuela is a sort of Spanish indie-pop, er, I’m no good at pigeon-holing. Her husband is Nick McCarthy from Franz Ferdinand and he plays on the record.

Lambert is like Nils Frahm. Or Nils Frahm if you believe the rumours.


FAO @AphexTwinkletoes

Fredrick Tipton, better known by his stage name Freddie Gibbs, is an American rapper from Gary, Indiana.


There’s a place called Gary?




Artwork’s a belter too.


Who wouldn’t love an album featuring Ice-T with guests from MegaDave, Max Cavalera, Him from Lamb of God and also a Slayer cover?


Reviews for the new Wire album below, is the Tall Ships one any good? Also you can check the ticker from the sub below, it’ll show you other British rock releases for March & April in case you missed one…I’m waitinig for that Cast and Big Moon album:


here’s a song about it



@richie I listened to Silver / Lead twice over the weekend and didn’t particularly get on with it either. It was all a bit one note with nothing really jumping out at me.


Ah well, I feel better for dismissing it now! Still a shame.


Yeah definitely a shame! Especially given that there has already been some really enjoyable albums from other bands (The Feelies, Half Japanese, The Bats and JAMC) of that era released this year.


I think the Julia Holter live album is out now - looking forward to that.


Yep, really liked The Bats and Half Japanese. Thought the new JAMC one was a bit Mary Chain by numbers…but that’s not a terrible thing.


here’s mine (JAG)


Yeah pretty much this, I wasn’t really expecting them to reinvent the wheel. It’s just fine and probably won’t get listened to very often. Much more likely to revisit Silver/Lead in a couple of months, to see if I’ve had a change of heart…

If you enjoyed The Bats release, maybe give The Feelies latest a try (that is if you haven’t already) - here’s one of the albums highlights:


Had a quick listen, not bad :slight_smile: