New Releases 31/05/2019

What are we listening to today?

A bout of insomnia means I’ve already listened to the Petrels album.

I have Gnoomes album ‘Mu’ and the acoustic re-recording of Superchunk’s Foolish on standby.

I thought Bedouine’s new album was due today, but it’s not on Spotify.

Bedouine has been pushed to 21st June

For me I’m going to be checking out the Lisa Hannigan live album recorded with the stargaze orchestra

For those unfamiliar she makes beautiful, sparse folk so excited to hear the songs with orchestral backing.

She is also one of the guest singers on The Nationals new record, Aaron Dessner produced her last album


Denzel Curry and Skepta

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New Sarah Davachi sounds lovely already. Richard Hawley, Skepta, Sinkane and Kishi Bashi lined up for later.

Reckon I’ll give petrels a spin!

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Doubt I’ll get through all these today but my weekend listening will be:

-Moody folky country from Ian Noe - Between The Country
-Poetic blues abstraction from Soundwalk Collective and Patti Smith - The Peyote Dance
-Crunchy guitars and coolness from Lungbutter - Honey
-Deep nutty old man dubs from Lee Scratch Perry - Rainford


The new Fragile X ep is absolutely brilliant. Don’t think he’s pushed go on the bandcamp release yet but it’s out today. Bad with me genres but I guess it’s some sort of experiemental/IDM… it’s fast, skittery, percussion heavy, layered and sounds gorgeous


Really like the preview track he had up for this. Not normally quite my cup of tea but there’s some dense drum action going on - I could feel my brain trying to wrap itself around what was going on and being forced to wave the white flag. Which is an oddly pleasant sensation. Looking forward to checking the full release out.

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Hildur gudnadottir has released the Chernobyl Original Soundtrack.


Think it actually came out yesterday, but think the new School of Language album is the only thing on my radar this week.


The debut from Pip Blom is absolutely amazing if melodic indie rock is your thing.

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A few things for me today after a quiet week last week.

Katie Dey - Solipsisters
Other-worldly lovely sounds and distorted singing

Kishi Bashi - Omoiyari
An upbeat kind of Owen Pallett. Had a listen to his new album via NPR last week and really enjoyed it.

A toy-piano kinda instrumental album by Oskar Schuster, some sort of ambient hippy yoga type music from Anders Rhedin (although I’d prefer a new Dinner album), and new eps from **Why?**and Hunter As A Horse

Sacred Paws - Run Round The Sun

Gemma - Feelings not a Tempo


Ill check Katie Dey our. Asdathkh or whatever was really good

Ooo, hadn’t realised Sacred Paws came out today! On that one straight away then!

A 30 minute throwback on the golden era of spaghetti western, chamber pop and soul. Inspired by the soundtracks of the low-budget films in the sixties, The Beach Boys and finding comfort in being alone.

This psych-loving Swede put out an impressive debut EP late last year, and I’m enjoying this rather more laid-back album from him this morning.

Also looking forward to some new Richard Hawley - he’s yet to let me down.


Yep. Pip Blom is the main one for me today.

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Yes, yes I very much like the sound of this!

Definitely gonna check out that Karl Hund album

Karl hund sounds right up my street. Thanks