New Releases 31/05/2019

Skepta and Petrels 4 me

Sacred Paws album is wonderful - due to spin it at least a couple more times today.

Sinkane’s new one is also superb from the first few tracks I’ve heard.

Pip Blom, Richard Hawley, Gnoomes, Mush and Psychedelic Porn Crumpets added to my new albums playlist for the week ahead.

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New Juan Wauters album out today, Introducing Juan Pablo.

i love it when people describe the artists in these threads, thank you


Oh, the Karl Hund album isn’t that great :confused: really sounds like Olivia Tremor Control in places.
Maybe I was expecting too much from the description

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Eluvium ‘pianoworks’

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What on earth has happened to Avi Buffalo?
This appeared on Spotify and I really dont know what to say.

Feeling that Lungbutter album. Reminds me strongly of that album by Patio that came out recently. V similar female vocal lead post punk vibes.

Weird. Is he the guest vocalist? It’s down as an “ari prado” album

Denzel album is bangin

Oh Kate Carr has a new one out - Contact, an E.P. I guess, 1 track 21 ish minutes.

She does lots of field recording stuff that I find interesting but not necessarily things I return to but this is much more on the glitchy ambient side.

Other than that - Sarah Davachi and Skepta and whatever this thread throws up.

Oh yeah I don’t normally bother with remix albums but I’m going to check out Resina’s Traces remix album.

I am on Sacred Paws, Lungbutter and Richard Hawley today!

Also, a new EP from Me Lost Me. I saw her a few months ago in Newcastle, electronic folk with looping vocals is how I would describe it. Looking forward to trying it!

Lisa Hannigan and Sacred Paws I think

Yeah, looks like he is doing all the backing vocals, although I’m getting that from the 2 half tracks I braved. Strange about-turn in style.

Anyway, on to Denzel Curry

Where we sleep have an ep out.
RIYL Curve, Blindness, Garbage.

Didn’t he get accused of serial sexual harrassment/assault?

It was out on Wednesday but I’d urge you all to not neglect the new Christian Fitness album :slight_smile:


It doesn’t feel right seeing Richard Hawley release a sub 40 minute album. I remember hearing Mary Anne Hobbs saying that he was trying to fit all the songs on the record into three minute structures with the longest song only being four minutes long. The proof is in the listening though.

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:+1: Liking Karl Hund a lot after first listen. Will try the debut too assuming it’s online.

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School of Language’s newie is a proper head shaker. Really intricate, funky grooves and the lyrics are hilarious! Everything you’d expect and want from a release by a Brewis brother, really.

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