New Releases 31/1/20

Bit early for most of you, because I live in the future.

First big day of new releases for the New year today for me. What’s everyone excited about?

Going to try to fit in Destroyer, Torres and Drive-Br Truckers this morning before work gets too distracting but I feel like there is plenty more I am forgetting about.

Destroyer- Have We Met
Squarepusher- Be Up A Hello
Squirrel Flower- I was Born Swimming

Ambient/drone/modern comp:
Alex Hills- Outside In
36 and Zake- Statis Sounds for Long Distance and Extended Hyperspace Programs and Deductions
Chihei Hatakeyama- Illusion Harbor
Jim Willis- Europa
Whettman Chelmets- I Don’t Want To Go But I need To Go
Long Distance Poison- Technical Mentality

Going to be a busy week.


Dan Deacon


Against All Logic EP


Huge number of releases for an aging indie kid. Probably a month’s worth of releases. Lined up I’ve:

Torres, Joe Gideon, Isobel Campbell, Squirrel Flower, Francis Quinlan, Gengahr, Poliça and the Smoke Fairies.

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Listening to Polica at the moment

Also out today Dan Deacon, Destroyer, Torres, Wild Nothing EP

I believe Isobel Campbell album now not out until next Friday

Bollocks. Really looking forward to it.

Wonderful brand New Ghostpoet song, from new album ‘I Grow Tired But Dare Not Fall Asleep’ out May 1st:

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30th Anniversary remastered etc box set thing of Raw Like Sushi from the mighty Neneh Cherry is on my list



I have an EP out today in See Blue Audio. Got a nice review in Electronic Sound Magazine :slight_smile:

Ambient / modern classical / glitchy
Only 19 mins long - lend it your ears! :wink:


In other ambient news I’m psyched for 36/Zaké and Whettman Chelmets, plus Squarepusher for some IDM.

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Gave the Frances Quinlan album a go first. It’s really nice but not sure about the cover of Carry the Zero at the end though. Maybe I’m just too tied to the original.

Squarepusher next to wake me up for the day…

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lots of stuff out today where I’m kind of aware of the artist but not really listened to them much, so if anyone fancies reporting back on highlights it’ll be marked in their favour come judgement day

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Torres album is excellent

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A big day for releases today for me, which is meagre consolation for the depressing day it is otherwise. But working at home today to avoid smirking Gammon faces, so will be able to explore these a bit more than usual.

Torres - Silver Tongue (sounds a bit like the cover portrait looks, a bit askew)
Polica (liking what I’ve heard so far; more near-death experiences, please)
My Bus - Our Life In The Desert (90s dream pop veterans, Butterfly child and Papa Sprain collaboration; some extreme gorgeousness amongst the mucking about, maybe more will reveal itself after more listens)
Wild Nothing - Laughing Gas (loving this, woke up humming it)
Squirrel Flower- I Was Born Swimming (had this a few days, high grade singer/songwriter stuff).
Will give the new Ben Watt a try out, as a favour to his Mrs. But hopes not high.

Two classic 80s reissues long out of print are also out today:
Associates - perhaps (this sounded disappointing at the time but sounds like superior pop now; we didn’t know how good we had it !!)
The Beloved - Where It Is ( compilation of early guitar pop singles and added stuff from the vaults).

May give new Destroyer a try too, as there’s loads of positive chatter about it.



Lots of new released for me today!

The ones already mentioned: Dan Deacon, Polica, Destroyer

Other unmentioned artists/albums in no particular order:

Nik Freitas (don’t know much about him, but I’m following him, and this piano sing’y song sounds nice so far)

Benni Hemm Hemm (Icelandic chap, who has sounded like Jens Lekman in the past, and released an album with the Second Hand Marching Band. Looks like he’s back to singing Icelandic. Sounds catchy enough so far)

Kid Francescoli (synthy kinda pop maybe. I really loved a previous song of theirs called Moon, but will need to see what I make of the new songs)

Alex Mayr (German lady, singing in German. I think her songs/album is produced by Get Well Soon, who had brought her to my attention late last year. Very catchy chamber pop possibly. Looking forward to listening to this one)

Alex Ebert (Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros chap. Not sure about this one, but will give it a try at least)

And then I’ll finally go through this thread and listen to some other albums!

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Dan Deacon album is really good


Today I am championing an EP called I am not an animal by Captain Handsome - sparse pop and gloomy folk by Lily from Fightmilk/scott_chegg’s wife. It’s really very good. FFO Phoebe Bridgers, mitski etc I guess.



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Pretty excited about the Frances Quinlan (Singer of Hop Along) album!