NEW RELEASES 31st July 2020

What you got going on?

Wye Oak EP

Dead good this - likes to call himself baroque pop

and the best album title award goes to…

nice singer/songwriter from Oakland

New Fountains DC

Actually sounds pretty decent this

glitchy instrumental stuff


Rival Consoles has a new one today. Really nice Electronica for the early hours. If you liked Night Melody by him then this should be up your street. Also, reminded me in parts of Floating Points album from last year.


New Romare album bebeh


Land of Talk


this is pretty beautiful

straightforward indie with an unfortunate name

bit pop but quite nice

over the top pop/rock

cool credible female fronted indie folk

australian power pop

beautiful highlight this

Have fun folks x


Didnt know about this, cheers!

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Ooohh nice. Persona is my go-to album to put on when I want something good and not too distracting to work to


Had a listen to the new Fontaines last night before bed. Already prefer it to the debut - which I found distracting but ultimately disjointed and brash (mainly in the production).

This sounds like a cohesive album - both in theme and sound - and there isn’t a song out of place in the tracklist. Some songs popped out more than others but I’m really happy with this direction. Looking forward to another listen.

Erlend Øye has a new album out


Ohh missed this!! amazing

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Bill Callahan single/EP

Will listen to the new Creeper because I’m low key goth and they’re a local GBOL but didn’t love the singles.


I don’t actually know anything about this but its popped up - seems to be from the 60s (anyone?)

Land of Talk innit.

Lovely album on first full listen, but there is a part of me that wishes I hadn’t already heard 5 of the tracks as singles. I get it because of the delayed release and the weird circumstances of releasing records at the moment, but it always makes the first few album listens feel a bit unbalanced.

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I will be listening to this

They did this with the last album, had four singles out before it was released. Fortunately they were great and so was the album.

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fans of vashti bunyan

For fans of folky stuff. Great lazy, summer feel. Kurt Vile plays on it.

Will listen to Daniel Blumberg, Fontaines, Madeline Kenney, Wye Oak as well. Packed week.

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Aye. I think it’s my problem tbh, I way overlistened to the singles and so it makes the album experience a bit weird at first. Rest of the record sounds bloody lovely though eh