New releases 3rd July

What’s out today then?

I’m very excited about a new Hjaltalin album, as it’s been eight years since their last album. Icelandic chamber pop kinda stuff, but maybe a bit more downtempo now.

A few fans of A.A. Williams on this site, with her debut album I think. Looking forward to seeing what I think of it. Maybe might sound like Hilary Woods?

And a band called Cuddle Magic, who have recorded this album in a bathroom apparently. Indie poppy kinda stuffs I think.

And Bowerbirds have returned (well, half of them, as he’s split up from his wife). I wasn’t that impressed with the first song or two that I’ve heard from his new releases, but will give this a listen to see if the songs grow on me. Acousticky guy singing stuff.


Theres a Gnod one


Not a lot, to be honest.

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Was gonna suggest A O Gerber, but apparently that came out on 22/5, so not that

bdrmm. Shoegaze from Hull. What’s not to like?


If any of you on here haven’t yet heard of or listened to AA Williams you need to rectify that soon. Had my Vinyl copy since Tuesday and its not been off the turntable . Quite why she seems to be being ignored by the likes of 6 music is beyond me, especially as she’s now on Bella Union a record label they will normally promote anything on adnauseum, Drab City spring to mind.
Album of the year by a long shot.


New Animal Collective EP on Bandcamp


Maybe Holy Wave and bdrmm.

I downloaded them just after midnight for this morning’s commute but I just ended up listening to the Nadine Shah album.

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Hjalrtin! That’s a bloody blast from the past! I’ll give that a right good listen.

@SunnyB and I have a new release out today on Disintegration State. He took the opening track from my album Indaco and remixed it 4 times over to make a wicked EP of experimental ambient and house. I’m a big fan (obviously)


Mulatu Astatke, king of ethio jazz, has this collab album out today.


After a deluge last week, it seems we’re back to no albums this week. Will take the opportunity to get my new releases queue down a bit after adding over 200 tracks last week!

New Nnamdï album on Bandcamp.

(I’m assuming it won’t be quite as good as BRAT, which is probably my album of the year so far, but it’ll probably still be real good.)

edit: It’s a Looney Toons inspired instrumental album? I’m sold.


Just a cheeky message here saying that I’ll be doing the count up for the AOTM for June on Sunday in case people want to get their choices in.

Ethio-jazz legend Mulatu Astatke up first, as shared above.

Also got the new Paul Weller lined up, since it is a quiet day:

Today is the Spotify appearance of two recent Skee Mask EPs:

High octane drum & bass EP from the prolific Special Request:

Jazz pianist Greg Foat has a new album which I’ll check out, “expansive and widescreen, building a lush soundscape using choral textures, harp and tubular bells… sensual groove-based tracks…”

Coldcut + Tony Allen + artists from across the South Africa music scene:


Ah cool, I was waiting for that to pop up. Really enjoyed BRAT, so will be interesting to hear this looney toons one.

There’s a new Dream Wife album as well.


Surprise drop new Cloud Nothings album


Ooh really liked the track from Keleketla I heard the other day.

Remastered versions of the 2 Engine Kid lps up on Bandcamp. Epic stop start 90s post hardcore ffo Slint, Fugazi. Members of SunnO))) etc.

Pay what you want no minimum with proceeds to LA homeless shelters.

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