New Releases 5/11/21

Really looking forward to hearing Safe, Pt 2 after Pts 1 and 3 were released as singles earlier this year! Was worried there wouldn’t be a pt 2…

New Releases collaborative playlist emptied and ready for you to all fill it up again! Thanks all…

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That makes sense now, I knew I heard Safe Pt1 before and I couldn’t think from where. Time to line up all 3 to see if each movement works together.

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it will come as no surprise to anyone who’s looked at his discography later, but Aleksi Perälä has yet another album out


Amason - Galaxy II
Apparently these guys are a Swedish supergroup. Count how many times you hear that phrase today.

Sylvie Kreusch - Montbray
Singer from Warhaus (in case that means anything to anyone). First song sounds really lovely and whispery dreamy.

The Magic Lantern - A Reckoning Bell
Piano kinda ballads, but sounds quite catchy.

Hanna Vu - Public Storage
20 year old from LA. She sounds quite good.

Sitcom - Smoothie
One man bedroom pop band. Maybe for fans of Why?

Admiral Fallow - The Idea Of You
Scottish pop indie rock FFO Frightened Rabbit, Twilight Sad, etc.

Nesles - Arsenic
French subdued chamber pop kind of thing? I tried googling, but got results about Nestle and arsenic instead…

Will Samson & Message To Bears - Flow State Mosaic
Instrumental collaboration.

Hammock - Elsewhere
Instrumental soundscapes. Sleepy like their name.

Penelope Isles - Which Way To Happy
Psych indie fuzzy pop.

Joan As Police Woman, Tony Allen, Dave Okumu - The Solution Is Restless
New album from Joan and friends.

Hymns From Nineveh - Julekassen
Sufjan-esque delicate singing. But in Danish. Guessing this might be an Xmas album from the Jule part of the name.


Second album of the year from Sarah Davachi, this time a collaboration.

Stately, bewitching neo-classical.

Sadly the vinyl has been cancelled due to a problem at the pressing plant


Americana indie type thing


Listened to Abba whilst walking the dog. Plumbs some cheesy depths, particularly the christmas tune, but some great pop tunes as you’d expect.

Just got Joan as Policewoman/Tony Allen on, excellent stuff.

In order of importance:

Snail Mail, Nation of Language and Geese (hipster Talking Heads-ish hype band from NYC - got a slightly sniffy review from Pitchfork but sounds amazing in a Shame meets BCNR post punk production sense).

Kessler has a split album that has some filthy breaks on it.


Blackened post metal

German Industrial post punk.


It’s all about ABBA today.

And probably will give Sloppy Jane a listen too. I love this track.

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New album from modern soul/RnB singer Curtis Harding. I remember his last one being quite good, but never going back to it for some reason. Will be giving this a listen later.


Thanks for the Hammock tip offs folks - had no idea and they are possibly my favourite ambient outfit.
Snail Mail’s Lush was my album of 2018 so got some high hopes based on that and general positivity above and from critics.


You wait ages for a legend’s largely disappointing comeback album, then two come along at once (sorry, Abba).

Diana Ross - Thank You
It has the odd bright moment (I like the title track) but otherwise a very forgettable collection of mediocre ballads and tepid disco.

Not really a surprise but this Terrace Martin album is very good, Thanks.

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Wolfgang Tillmans - Moon in Earthlight

First full album after 6 EPs from the Turner Prize-winning German photographer, a piece to accompany an exhibition of the same name from earlier this year. It is “a collage of sounds, field recordings, words, studio jam sessions and live recordings, voice, soundscapes, and instrumentation scored with audible space to breathe along the way”. Synths, cellos and cardiograms amongst the instruments you might be able to recognise.

Tasha - Tell Me What You Miss The Most

Chicagoan singer-songwriter somewhere in the pop/indie/folk area. The Norman Records blurb says, “For fans of Lucy Dacus , Julia Jacklin and Molly Burch”.


New Hammock album;