New Releases 5/3/2021

Exceeded all expectations tbh! Incredibly well crafted for a debut from a relative unknown

@fitzcarraldo’s lot appeared in a post on a blog I read. I know it was out last week, but still…

#3 if you’re wondering

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80s synth pop (a guy releasing his Dad’s old demos, kinda like a laid back, electronic Orange Juice)

Jane Weaver - Flock and Arab Strap - As Days Get Dark for me. Wouldn’t have guessed that of the two, it’d be Arab Strap who really surprised me; it’s possibly the best thing they’ve ever done. Weaver is nice, but it just hasn’t grabbed me nearly as much. Last song is good, though.

Never heard of this fella before but it’s great on first play. Will investigate further.

New Hyena Kill album (heavy/thrashy punk rock)

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Listened to Bleached from this and thought it’s the best thing I’ve heard in ages.
BUT, the rest of the album doesn’t hold up for me. Like Deftones-lite or, dare I say it, Vex Red.

Listening to this now and I really like it… How did you come across them? Thanks for posting it :slight_smile:

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No probs! Signed to APF records who do lots of sludgy/stoner rock stuff and they had a sale on the end of last year and bought their EP, Spun, which was really good. Was familiar with their work, as I reckon I saw them when they were a noisy two-piece years ago.

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thanks pal, i really like the writing on FtR, and not just because they’ve said nice things about us :grin:

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Thirdface - Do It With a Smile

hardcore punk from Nashville


Gill Sharone gets everywhere doesn’t he?! Been waiting a looong time for this and it hasn’t disappointed - bits of shoegaze, seventies-ish rock, eighties synthiness, saxophones, and a riffy banger or two. Their most consistent album by far I think.

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Biitchseat EP
Catchy alt-rock, FFO Sonder Bombs (who have been bigging this up on twitter)


Anyone mentioned Painted Shrines yet?

Really enjoyed the album on first listen. Sounds like The Byrds, Belle and Sebastian, The Shins etc.


Regional Justice Center - Crime and Punishment
5 star hardcore

Mal Devisa - Wisdom Teeth

I think I came across this artist from @GoldFlakePaint last year. This came out a couple of days ago, and from my one listen so far it sounded really quite good. Reminds me of Tune-Yards. Shame the bandcamp download price is so high otherwise I’d be buying it today.

Mujuice - Melancholium

I discovered recently this chap whilst searching for a Russian band for @Joke2000’s DiS Song contest, and wow, they’ve released an album to celebrate reaching the top 25 of that contest (in at number 25)! Very savvy of this guy to strike whilst the iron is hot. Eectro-poppy Russian sounds.

PeterLicht - Melancholium

German sounds this time. Had one listen and really enjoyed it, maybe because it reminded me of all the speaking in the Netflix show Dark. Really nice music too.

Sam Vance-Law - NDW

A Canadian chap who now lives in Germany, and released a great catchy album called Homotopia a couple of years ago. This is a small EP, covering songs in German this time, and a bit rockier, including one called Eisbar which was an animal song choice by someone in a recent Music League round. Fun fact.

Babybird - I Was Born A Man PLUS

So many Babybird/Stephen Jones releases. This seems to be a bunch of extra old songs from around the time of this old lofi album.

I’ve also so far listened to Jane Weaver, which I gave up on; Arab Strab, which I quite liked, although I’ve only heard a couple of solo albums by Aidan and Malcolm so far, so maybe I should investigate more; and Photay, which didn’t grip me too much. Will catch up through the other suggestions in this thread later on this week!


So good isn’t it? Bought it after 1 playthrough. Love the brass on it, just sounds wonderful.

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It’s pretty dense as well! A lot of layers to pick through on repeat listens.

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I like it, thanks!

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Ooh I’m so glad I clicked that Babybird link, I thought it was just a reissue of I Was Born A Man and it’s not; it’s a whole new album of unreleased music. Was only a few left! Yoink, and ta, @paulo13

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