New releases 5/5/17

I liked this weekly topic, but no-one seems to have started a thread for the week of May 5 (apologies if I missed it).

So, a bit old already now, but what have you been enjoying (and/or what are you looking forward to checking out) from the week’s releases.

For me, the new Juana Molina album “Halo” is an early (!?) contender for album of the year. Enjoying its folktronic, off-kilter vibe.

Had high hopes for FaUSt and Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy, but cannot say they have resonated yet.

Need to spend some more time with Forest Swords. Enjoyed Amanda Palmer’s collaboration with Edward Ka-Spel on first run through, but will need to listen a few more times.

Anyone else like these offerings? What else should I be checking out, dear DISers?