New Releases 6/5/22

Always wanted to start one of these and join the ranks of you uber-nerds. Gonna be having a go on the new Belle & Sebastian and Sharon Van Etten albums at work in the morning, and maybe Arcade Fire if I get really bored.


Oh aye? Cheers.

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The rare midnight new release thread start. Back in the morning for the real action but got this dinosaur friendly lounge music on rn for an odd bedtime mood
Nikolaienko - Nostalgia Por Mesozoica


In addition to Sharon Van Etten and Unsubscribe, Warpaint - Radiate Like This is out tomorrow.

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Belle and Sebastian, Warpaint, Sharon Van Etten, Sigrid and maybe Sunflower Bean for me today but mainly B&S.


Deep dive tomorrow but here’s two that stand out for me:

Leyla McCalla - Breaking the Thermometer

An album of Haitian creole songs that are part of a wider muti-disciplinary project about Radio Haiti, the station that for decades confronted the corruption and brutality of regimes that arrested and tortured journalists and eventually murdered its founder. It was almost the only station that broadcast in the local creole language rather than French. The album sounds great so far.

Wilma Vritra - Grotto

Second album from Odd Future rapper Vritra and English producer Wilma Archer; really enjoyed their previous collaboration so high hopes for this one.


Gianni Brezzo - Tutto Passa

Smooth jazzy goodness. Pretty sure I describe everything as that these days, but it’s true in this case! Probably…

Gonna be digging into that Wilma Vritra album too.


Sadly not really feeling the SVE. Don’t hate it but I really liked the last album and this is a bit melancholy and/or quiet for me right now.

Will go onto Warpaint

Oh shit, there’s a new Bad Bunny album? It’s not on streaming yet, but it’s coming!

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The two big ones for me today are also two of my most anticipated releases of the year:

Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever - Endless Rooms

More propulsive jangly extended jams from my favourite guitar band of the past decade or so. First impressions are that the first half is incredibly strong, but it does tail off a bit towards the end.

Kikagaku Moyo - Kumoyo Island

The final album from the Japanese psychedelic rock/folk band and founders of the Guruguru Brain record label, which has thrown light on some incredible music from across Asia. Really sad to see them split (especially considering how good they are live), but hoping they can go out with a bang.

The album’s not on Spotify yet for some reason, but they’ve uploaded the whole thing to YouTube:


I’m looking forward to the new Sigrid album - Norwegian singer follows up 2019’s excellent ‘Sucker Punch’

Sigrid - How to Let Go

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Indie pop from Melbourne and Chester for me.

The Stroppies - Levity

The prolonged lockdown endured in Melbourne forced The Stroppies to re-think their fast, off-the-cuff method of creation for their second studio album ‘Levity’. Unlike the lean, crisp jangle-pop of their 2018 debut ‘Whoosh!’, Angus Lord and co. add fuzz, distortion, tape manipulation and key modulation to make a darker, hazier product than before. An alluring sequel to one of the most delightful indie-pop debuts of the 2010s.

Peaness - World Full of Worry

Sad bangers. Surprised that this is their debut album as they’ve been around for a few years now, just releasing singles and EPs up to this point.


Didn’t realize The Stroppies had a new one out! A great day for Aussie jangle pop.


Various Artists - fabric Presents TSHA

Allowing this 76-minute mix to wash over you on the first couple of listens, you’d be forgiven for wondering if TSHA really is one of London’s brightest young dance talents. That’s not because she hasn’t vindicated the hype on this slick release […] but rather because for somebody still so short in the tooth, so many of her musical touchpoints are throwbacks; the spectre of acid house hangs heavy, as does old-school rave.


HAUNTER have a new 30min EP (black/death metal)

Discarnate Ails | HAUNTER | Haunter

player is not embedding



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First two tracks from the upcoming Taylor’s Version of 1989 are out

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Christ, this lot are still going. Might be great, you never know??? (!!!)

New CRJ single


There’s a new Orbital soundtrack!

But it’s a soundtrack for a Mike Myers film. 🫣

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