New Releases 7/12

I’m waiting for my copy of Aidan Moffat’s festive album Ghost Stories For Christmas to arrive which I’m sure will be upbeat throwaway pop (jk it’ll be bleak as hell).

Anything else out?


Looks like there’s a new Brainwaltzera ep out, i think.

New one from Hammock - similar vibe to the last one. Not drawing me in as much though.

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Aye, it’s nice enough but hasn’t grabbed me either. Solid 7/10, just sounds a bit like the weaker tracks from Raising Your Voice…

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I’m picking up the This Mortal Coil UHQCD rereleases and probably the Super Furry Animals at the BBC double album because A: the pledgemusic thing appears to have been another fiasco and B: I have no self control.

Amor - Sinking into a Miracle.
Richard Youngs’ disco-ish Side project.

Ice Cube has a new one out.

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There’s a new Lubomyr Melnyk on Erased Tapes.


The RM Hubbert and Aidan Moffat Christmas album is really good. My listening for the day.


The vinyl release of the Aidan Moffat album is lovely and comes with a Christmas card which is a nice touch.


A new album from Daniel Knox, which has Jarvis Cocker and Nina Nastasia singing on a couple of songs I think. Just starting my first listen. I think @chanticleer is a fan of him, unless I’ve misremembered!

The Daniel Knox album is excellent. I spent all day listening to it yesterday, and think it will shoot into my top 10 of the year at the very least. Beautiful piano and strings and songs: