New Releases 7/5/21

A ‘for one day only’ Bandcamp Friday drop from Death Cab for Cutie

I’ll probably pick this up to get the live versions of ‘I Will Possess Your Heart’ and ‘Transatlanticism’

Squid! Haven’t been this excited about a band’s debut in years tbh.


gonna listen to Light Years by Jacober cos bandcamp told me it was good

For me it’s Weezer and Salem II. Salem’s the side project of Will From Creeper, with Matt Reynolds from Howard’s Alias, Drawings, Big Fin, and basically being an unsung genius of the UK underground scene for the last 20 years.

FFO - AFI, Alkaline Trio, Creeper before they turned into a diabolical Britpop band

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This just in: Squid made a great album


Slow country jams

Indie guitar fun

Psychedelic electronic mishmash

Upbeat fun from DR Congo

Also the Pile “improv” album is meant to be out today, but not on Bandcamp or Spotify.


Damn Skee Mask just dropped a new album unannounced


Downloaded albums by Dodie, Aly & AJ and Blood Bunny on my night shift and skimmed listens. Wasn’t too impressed by any of them.

I’ll check out India Jordan and see what that’s like.

Sophia Kennedy - Monsters

her sonic references include Tin Pan Alley and vintage showtunes, she complements curious melodic callbacks with ominous electronica, expansive hip-hop, sub-bass, trap beats, twanging guitars and the sound of monkeys screeching

Pile have posted it on youtube:


Buffet Lunch - The Power Of Rocks

Wonky pop, skittish riffage, poignant tangents and leaping absurdity. From Scotland. On Upset The Rhythm.


A couple of Bandcamp things for me this Bandcamp Friday

The Blackheart Orchestra - Mute
Instrumental, broadly modern classical but a real mish-mash of styles. Enjoying it so far anyway.

bis - Live in Toulouse 1997
An old live show of indie-disco-punk thrashing about (meant in the best possible sense - I love bis) released on cassette and digital for Bandcamp Friday

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Natalie Bergman - Mercy
This is a random discovery. I assumed she was Scandinavian because of the sound (and the blonde photo!), but she’s apparently from America. I should potentially not like this album, as it is very godly/gospelly/religious, which makes me a bit uncomfortable for various reasons, but dang it sounds so good. Definitely worth a listen.

DEEWEE - Foundations
A compilation from this Belgian label to celebrate their 50th release. Soulwax and Charlotte Adigery on there, amongst lots of others.

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thanks for the mention buddy, glad to finally get this out haha. I think this is the first release of mine that I don’t hate by the time it’s been released. Excited to see what people think.


“Live” one from Fuzz now on spotify

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Jack Ingram, Miranda Lambert & Jon Randall - The Marfa Tapes

Stripped back country record, some of it recorded open air. I’m enjoying this this morning.

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Squid is really good. Just booked to see them at rock city in September. It’s dot to dot festival the day after with Girl Band headlining too.

So nice to be excited about gigs again!!!

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Really liking Iceage on first listen - maybe more than the last one.

Has any band had as many consecutive BNM’s on Pitchfork? That’s five in a row now! Pretty impressive, even if it means less and less.

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thanks! excited to finally get this one out there - was almost lost to various label based shenanigans before Matt at Box rescued it. What a guy!