🐧 New Releases - 7/7/23 🐨

Will start off with this one. Gonna give it a spin when I get to work, not a TS album I know particularly well.


New PJ Harvey

Anohni & The Johnsons


Forgot that was today, will give it a go after Taylor.

All about this for me today.

The last part of Gabriels’ neo-soul album is finally released today.


I’ve volunteered to be a parent helper on a Year 1 class trip today so won’t get to listen to any of these albums properly until I’m a frazzled mess this evening, but I’m looking forward to:

PJ Harvey - I Inside the Old Year Dying

Alt-folk maybe this time. Early signs are that this album is quieter, more introspective, more of a White Chalk than a Hope Six. Really enjoying what I’ve heard of this so far.

SANAM - Aykathani Malakon ص​ن​م - أ​ي​ق​ظ​ن​ي م​ل​ا​ك​ٌ

This release was pushed back by a couple of weeks so I’ve been impatiently waiting for it, because I’m very into the two pre-release tracks by the “Beirut-based free-rock post-folk sextet”.

Your Heart Breaks - The Wrack Line

Like the pre-release tracks from this a lot. Queer Pacific Northwest DIY indie band founded by Clyde Peterson joined by Eli Moore and Ashley Eriksson from the band LAKE and Katherine Paul from Black Belt Eagle Scout as the studio band for this album, and featuring lots of guests including Kimya Dawson (Moldy Peaches).

Lucinda Williams - Stories from a Rock n Roll Heart

Country blues singer-songwriter (her Car Wheels on the Gravel Road album is one of my very favourites) is back after having had a stroke which has left her unable to play guitar. Not appeared on Spotify yet.

Saloli - Canyon

Woozy ambient synth by Cherokee pianist Mary Sutton from Portland, Oregon. The album is intended to evoke “a day in the life of a bear in a canyon in the Smoky Mountains”.


New Blackbraid album. Indigenous American black metal


Goat - Gallows Pole OST
Psych rock soundscapes from the BBC series (I haven’t watched it yet, was it good?).


Julie Byrne - The Greater Wings

Lovely, dreamy folk.

Me Lost Me - RPG

Haven’t heard the singles, but usually a mix of electronics and folk tradition. Excited to hear this!


Happy Julie Byrne day everyone


K-Lone - Swells

Follow up to 2020’s Cape Cira which I really enjoyed. Expansive electronica.

Whettman Chelmets - Koppen

Ambient, drones, shoegazey. Simultaneously contemplative and abrasive.


Michael J. Blood - Reptition Theory 1 & 2

Couple of free eps that seem to be a tester for something bigger down the line. Not exactly groundbreaking but they’re free and not bad for 20 minutes of music.

Death Index - Civilized By A Lie

2nd album should be online later today lead singer of Merchandise fronts them. Don’t know what to expect tbh


DARGZ - Happiness

Debut LP from a producer who claims to merge 90’s hip hop beats with the modern London jazz scene, with frequent Moses Boyd features.

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Does Michael J. Blood ever sleep?

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Probably not

AJ Suede - Ark Flashington

Underground hip hop from a rapper who had an unusually quiet Q2, with this his first album since March. Features include Scallops Hotel (aka R.A.P. Ferreira), Sleep Sinatra, Freddy Stone.


Just beat me to posting this :grinning:, listening now.

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Coco María presents Club Coco ¡AHORA! The Latin sound of now

Second edition of the Club Coco compilation series which highlights modern takes on contemporary pan-Latin dancefloor oriented music.


Will Haven, shouty loud noise metal


New one from Local Natives!

Local Natives - Time Will Wait For No One