what we got??

Going to check out Another Sky’s album, as they remind me a little of Everything Everything and they were pretty good live.

Will also give the Glass Animals one a spin and probably Hudson Mohawke

not sure what else is out

I was hoping you would answer that question with one of your big lists! :grinning:

I think I just have EPs from Declan McKenna, Bill Callahan, and Serph (glitchy Japanese electronica).

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Jason Molina
The Microphones
Mountain Man (live album)

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Nice RnB - fans or ariana grande possibly

maths rock type stuff

indietronica summer vibes

indie pop

last collection of studio recordings before he passed away

not really my thing but have a listen

jazztronica (nice!)

standard indie songwriter stuff but not bad

folky stuff

nice instrumental stuff from Future Islands bassist

British indie (worth a listen!)

Ex members of slowcore band Duster


was just putting it together!! :grinning:


Short album of remixes from artists including Loraine James and Oliver Coates of one of my albums of the year so far, Max de Wardener’s Music for Detuned Pianos

Will also be trying Glass Animals. Not been particularly thrilled by the pre-release singles (other than the excellent Tokyo Drifting). But hoping there’s a lot of other gems hidden in there

missed this one

Not sure if this came out this week?

My pal Joseph Walker put his album out yesterday, lovely world weary songs with hushed vocals and a bit of fingerpicking. DIY but he put a lot of care into it and it sounds great. Also I made the dog mask for the album cover.

Other than that, will be checking out new transmissions from Idris Ackamoor and the Pyramids (funky cosmic afro jazz) and Willie J Healey (hooky indie rock)

Jazz fix:

Modern (see post above for description!)

Classic (unreleased from 1959)

Australian R&B EP with aJPEGMAFIA feature. Hadn’t heard of her before but this is sounding pretty good so far.

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Seems to be dripping the album one track per week, but each time Spotify relists as an EP of all the singles so far. Not sure I like this, seen quite a bit of this kind of thing recently.

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Didn’t know jaga jazzist were still a thing. Will listen to this along with Jason Molina and The Microphones

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yeh ive seen it happen a few times - wasnt sure if we were there now with it being an ep but who knows

Pretty sure i’m going to spend all of today just listening to The Microphones.


The second Marlowe album is out today for the hip-hop heads.


Looking forward to this. Singles released from it have been great so far

Easy… Jason Molina. Only then shall I proceed to:

A new Mountain Man live album.

The Bonniesongs live album.

Bonny Light Horseman double A side.

Some Kenyan beats/metal courtesy of Duma.

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