New releases: 8/1/21

Every time he says Bob’s Son I think of Bobson Dugnutt



I was thinking that was intentional

first We Are KING (formerly KING) release in 4 years

just a david bowie cover but it’s v nice

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Didn’t know Whettman Chelmets but thoroughly enjoying my first listen - thanks!


Speaking of Bowie there’s a single of rare cover versions out today:

You’re welcome! He’s a really nice guy to boot, big supporter of the Disintegration State crew


So much a better crew than Tiger Crew (hot take).

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Some great moments on this. Not sure about it as a whole yet.

Viagra Boys was the big one for me today. I enjoyed it on first run-through, although my attention was a bit diverted. I then moved on to…

I’ve no idea why I gave it a go - I wasn’t a fan of late-period Efterklang and the Stereogum review describes it as a ‘Bono solo album’ - but it hit the spot when I had my mid-morning coffee.

I’m now on to:

Bristol band who describe themselves as “marrying a complex new sound incorporating industrial, minimalism and prog”. It just sounds like loud post-punk to me, but that’s a good thing. :+1:

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I’m glad I’ve had a few listens of it before getting that image in my head!

I didn’t love Efterklang’s last album, and this one isn’t as good as my favourite Efterklang albums (but that would be hard!), but it is quite catchy and fun. Will definitely be listening to it a lot this week.

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He’s a really interesting artist, and seems like a lovely guy from my interactions with him via the indie ambient scene


Yep Casper Clausen definitely holding my attention the best out of what I’ve listened to so far. Love the way the opening track builds.

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Dwigt Rortugal, the Man


For the FAO of the ambient crowd

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I’m still prefering Birdie (but i’ve lived with it a long time) this one is growing on me lots

This is gorgeous, thank you!

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Enjoyed this a lot on my lunchtime walk, ta.


Jazmine Sullivans (not EP - it’s too long to be an EP, god damn it music industry stop butt fucking the definition of an EP) album is really nice

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Yeah shit name. When I wanted to preorder the album had to Google search the band to find them. I was worried this would get me marked for all sorts of dick pill ads. So I thought I’d add ‘band’ at the end so it’s kind of defined as a related music search but unfortunately “viagra boys band” opens up a whole new element to the search!