New releases: 8/1/21

Reminds me of Yeasayer, cant say I love it but its certainly enjoyable enough. Will keep an eye for future releases as see quite a lot of potential as he often sounds HUGE just think the singwriting and production sometimes loses me


Have had a couple of listens to the Hilang Child album today and quite like it, thanks!

Definitely enjoying the Casper Clausen album too. This song in particular is pretty catchy:

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really liked this with the synths rather than some of the cheesier keyboard sounds they go in for sometimes

Stimulator Jones is my first album of the year. For the jazzcats, completely different to his funky debut which was one of my favourites of 2018.

Hello everyone!

R.A.P. Ferreira and Hotel Neon were the stand outs last week. What’s everyone enjoyed this week?

  • Aaron Frazer - Introducing…
  • Black Swan - Repetition Hymns
  • Casper Clausen - Better Way
  • Hilang Child - Every Mover
  • Jazmine Sullivan - Heaux Tales
  • Laima Adelaide - Modern Nature
  • LICE - WASTELAND: What AilsOur People Is Clear
  • Norvik - The Drawing Board II
  • Slaughter Beach, Dog - At the Moonbase
  • Steve Earle - J.T.
  • Stimulator Jones - La Mano
  • Thank You Thank You - Next to Nothing
  • Viagra Boys - Welfare Jazz
  • Whettman Chelmets - Eli Chen
  • Yoasobi - The Book

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Nothing really did it for me, I’d say Aaron Fraserburgh was the closest album to get a full recommendation from me. Role on Sleaford Mods and Pompoko

Viagra Boys was the biggest disappointment :sleepy:

Wouldve enjoyed Yoasobi more if every song didn’t thave a key change

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I liked the Viagra Boys album enough, but it’s not a patch on the debut. Really like the Jazmine Sullivan “album” though. That’s excellent. Also enjoyed Hilang Child on one solitary play and not listened to any of the others.

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