New Releases 8 July 22

What do we have today?

Caterina Barbieri - Spirit Exit

Virtuosic modular synth fantasy and emo-rapture from Italian composer Caterina Barbieri, venturing the 2nd release on her Light-years label after its Lyra Pramuk-starring lead single.

Kali Malone - Living Torch

Contemporary drone visionary Kali Malone gathers a new, electroacoustic ensemble for her new album that straddles early music, 20th century American minimalism, electronic drone and widescreen soundtrack formulations.

Katy J Pearson - Sound of the Morning

Follow-up to 2020’s excellent debut.

Various Artists - Crossroads Kenya: East African Benga and Rumba, 1980-1985

First international compilation of rare, sizzling 45s from the golden era of benga and rumba, circa the ‘70s/‘80s and the East African epicentre of Nairobi’s studios and recording facilities


New ambient/electronica EP by… me!

5 tracks of soundtracks for some of the silly toddler’s favourite sea creatures and one featuring her reciting her favourite book about the sea.


Party Dozen - The Real Work

Noisy two piece from Australia’s latest. Nick Cave pops up. Would imagine a few people here would enjoy:

(Terrible cover art)


Just Viagra Boys and whatever I find in this thread

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Yes I’m listening to this one right now and like it a lot. Bit like The Comet Is Coming (mainly instrumentals with sax top line) but slightly more industrial sounding.

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New Wave Pictures album is out on vinyl today (I think some or all of it has been available on streaming for a while). They’ve been treading water over recent records, but what I’ve heard of the new one has been excellent.

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Sniffany & The Nits - The Unscratchable Itch
Squally female-fronted four-piece punk racket from London, featuring members of Joanna Gruesome, Ex-Void & The Tubs.


Kali Malone and Katy J Pearson also on my list, but not much else.

Holy Magick - Holy Magick II
Brighton psych dreamy indie.


Think only Wu-Lu is on my list today. Cross genre mashing singer/rapper from London. His singles to date have been an interesting mix of styles, so interested to see where this goes.


Tumi Mogorosi - Group Theory: Black Music

South African jazz drummer (who you may have heard propelling Shabaka Hutchings’ Ancestors) with a bombastic, maximalist record with a sextet of instrumentalists (including Malcolm Jiyane who put it a great album last year) plus a nine piece choir.


First Westside Gunn album/project of the year.

Hip-Hop from the Griselda camp FFO Conway, Benny The Butcher etc…


Neil Young & Crazy Horse - Toast

Semi-legendary lost album from 2001 gets a belated release. A big one for me personally because the only time I saw him was before this was due out and he played a load of songs off it which sounded great, but then he decided not to release it and put out Are You Passionate instead, which was a terrible dog of a record. Hoping for lots of long loose Crazy Horse jams.


Katy J Pearson, Rae Morris and Mush for me. Not sure whether I like Mush currently.

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Are there no features on this album or have they just not been tagged? Was expecting to see all the usual names!

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Berries - How We Function

“BERRIES are a London based trio who have been gaining increasing recognition for their incendiary blend of Rock, Grunge and Indie sounds”


Young grungy slightly punky alt rock

FFO: enjoying new music then seeing a picture of the band and feeling like the how do you do fellow kids meme

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I don’t think Spotify has tagged them, this is the back cover he posted on Twitter

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Laura Veirs - Found Light

12th album from the singer songwriter - don’t think she’s likely to veer (sorry) much at this stage in her career but likely some more lovely tunes FFO her other albums.


Journey - Freedom
Classic rock

FFO: 12am trains with unspecified destinations, needing something any way,


did an AI write this?

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