New Releases 8th June

What are you guys listening to or planning to?

I downloaded albums by Howlin Rain, Ecstatic Arrow and YOB for my journey into work this morning.

Howlin Rain is pretty bland. Ecstatic Arrow and YOB sound good.

Bollocks. Forgot to download the “big” release for me this week which is Snail Mail. Saw her a few weeks ago at Hackney Oslo. Excellent gig.

Hilary Woods - Colt (
Snail Mail - Lush

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Gruff Rhys for me


Looking forward to listening to Hilary Woods.

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Gruff, Lykke, Snail Mail, Boy Azooga. That’s about it for me today. Only listening to Boy Azooga because he’s at EOTR. Got to do my research!

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Lykke Li all the way. Been waiting for this one for ages.

Been listening to the very poppy new one from Gruff Rhys so far this morning and have it queued up for a second listen later on. Going to try the Beach Boys with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra then the new ones from Low, Holy Esque and Boy Azooga (I’m on the fence with this one too - thought Face Behind the Cigarette was pretty good, but not the follow up)

The Body / Uniform collaboration Mental Wounds Not Healing is fantastic. Really satisfyingly put together.

Will also be listening to the new Zeal & Ardor album, Stranger Fruit. Been looking forward to that one.


The album is called Ecstatic Arrow. The band are called Virginia Wing.



Got Snail Mail and YOB so far… this thread will likely throw up some unknown gems as per usual though

Lykke Li and Gruff Rhys, might give Snail Mail a try too

Cheers, had no idea this was happening

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me neither!

There’s a new The Get Up Kids ep out, which is thoroughly enjoyable. I’ll also be checking out that new Zeal and Ardor album. Gave the Lykke Li album a listen earlier. I still can’t get over the bit where the bit here Amine rhymes Lykke Li with dicky

Also really looking forward to listening to Get Well Soon - The Horror. I’ve even ordered a limited edition vinyl bundle from Germany, just because I love their last albums so much.

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Just finishing my first listen to the new Zeal & Ardor. It’s amazing, such a huge step up from the first album.

Will listen to the Uniform/The body album when I can face that much musical horror.


Used to have such a schoolboy crush on Hilary Woods!


Was looking forward to seeing her support LCD this week, but was disappointed. Not really a daylight open air act… still looking forward to hearing this album though, her last 2 are both great.