New Releases 8th June


All three of her albums are good and each one better than the one before. The last album was an absolute classic.


Agreed - shame the same can’t be said for the new one. Seems really disappointing on a first listen.


Thanks - lost touch with Get Well Soon - loved the album he had out about 10 years ago!


What the blinking heck is this new Low thing??? It’s registered on Spotify as them but it’s clearly not them!


What’s this “new Low” all about? Can’t see anything online about it. There’s an EP on Spotify that was released on Sunday called “A Different Way” but the cover looks really un-Low-like.


sounds really un-low like too!


Yeah, I was doubting it, and haven’t listened yet. Who is this Low imposter!?!?


Sorry folks, I just reached it too and immediately thought “uh oh”, it’s happened again. There’s some bloke calling himself Belly nowadays and that caught me out too…especially bad considering the proper band are active at the moment.

Makes me wonder whatever happened to The London Suede and The Charlatans UK?


Apparently still going and there’s no way of convincing Groove Music otherwise

Absolutely hate it when music players decide they know best how to tag music. Just look at the meta tags, dickheads, that’s what they’re there for



There’s a lot of Spotify knocking on here but I’ve been generally really impressed by it tbh. Having this Spanish guitar lady classed as an official Low release seems amateurish as hell.


Listening to this now and it’s not actually THAT horrific. There are bits that are almost…‘dancey’.


It does happen a lot - and they end up in the release radar playlists too. It’s not really Spotify’s fault though - artists and their representatives should be aware that there are other acts associated with a name…especially when it’s people who’s had significant chart success like Low, Belly, Kingmaker, Messiah etc.

But the copyright on a name only lasts a short time. I remember there was some programme on the BBC about it years ago where the programme maker realised there was nothing legally stopping him forming a band called The Move (as enough time had passed and nobody else was using the name) and play a gig under the name. He even had the cheek to play “Flowers in the Rain” as I guess it just counted as a cover version.


Isn’t the real Low!


This is a new Low.


i liked Snail Mail


TBF, Low are teasing new stuff all over Facebook, so hopefully not too long to wait


Will be checking the Kanye and Kid Cudi album when it drops at some point today


where do you guys keep track of what’s coming out each week?


This helps:


Been looking forward to this since I saw them supporting Hookworms a few months ago. The Second Shift is SUCH a banger and on first listen the rest of the album is excellent too.