New Releases 8th June


for me anyway


New Low is intense


My pick is Apostille’s - Choose Life who is Michael Kasparis from Anxiety and Lowest Form’s electro-pop solo project:

Fun fact; he’s the “Michael” from the Franz Ferdinand song



I really wanted to like it but it left me underwhelmed. Gave it a couple of listens and found it all rather blended into one mid-paced chug. Torn between giving it another go at getting under my skin or abandoning it and moving on with my life.


I got 2 songs into it and moved on with my life. Thought it was incredibly beige.


PIG released their new album today for anyone who likes Industrial slease.


Also looking forward to hearing new Zeal & Ardor


not sure about this boy azooga thing, but my tv loved it


does it split by genre at all?


I can’t say I’ve ever tried to be honest. It only shows the current week, so there’s never that much to look at.


new proc fiskal on hyperdub sounding great


This popped into my Spotify releases feed. One for the emo crowd, seems pretty good so far.



Apparently it’s the drummer from Touche Amore, playing all the instruments. Gonna check it out.


Oh really, cool? I didn’t know that. Just finishing my first listen and I’m enjoying it.


For a good source of information in the world outside Spotify try this:


It’s really great. One of the nicest surprises I’ve heard in ages. I hadn’t listened to any of the previous EPs so I went into this without any idea of the stuff she is doing now.


It does sound a lot like a lot of things that have been around recently. Not much to get excited about. Guitar playing is good though (although not good enough to make me want to listen to it again).


Got serpentwithfeet lined up, and have listened to Hilary Woods which is pretty lovely.