New Releases 8th June


Virginia Wind is good - very Broadcasty.


Really enjoying Gruff Rhys, especially the last few tracks.


Sounds fine to me. I’ve enough faith in her as an artist to resist the hot take anyway. I will have to live with it for a while.


I downloaded her Heartbox EP a couple of years ago, which was very very nice, so am definitely looking forward to the album.


Making a lot of use of Recordbird (as per @sean’s rec)


Check out Laura Jean dudes!


Surprise release. Straight to the top of my listening list. M. Ward.


sorry, @kiyonemakibi, should have read upthread first.


Significant lack (excluding @bruised_blood) of interest in serpentwithfeet here…I’ve got loads of listening time planned today and I’m expecting good things. Reminds me of how this forum pretty much ignored Moses Sumney last year.

Otherwise I’ll be checking out Hilary Woods, Virginia Wing, Snail Mail and Boy Azooga (for EOTR)


Another album from this week that I’ve just been loving (and not a million miles away from Get Well Soon and is lovely deep croon) is Jonathan Bree - Sleepwalking

Feels like it’s been a great week of releases!


Can’t say I’m overly impressed with Snail Mail, despite the great reviews and hype etc. With so many great female singer songwriters around at the moment this just seems so bland. Still don’t know why Common Holly doesn’t seem to get any love. Now that’s an album with so many different textures and tunes.


Am a big SFA and Gruff fan but not feeling this new one. Something a bit irritating about it.


I agree. Nothing much to make it stand out from the crowd that I could hear.

There is a bit of a glut of twenty something white American female singer songwriters with a liking for 90s indie sounds, which is not remotely her fault of course but which does it make it hard to get excited about another one. The songwriting needs to be distinctive and top quality (like say Phoebe Bridgers or Big Thief) or there needs to be a quirkiness to the sound (like Haley Heynderickx for instance) for it resonate with me. Can’t get that from this record.


Common Holly’s album is great. I had a ticket for her recent gig but went to Japanese Breakfast instead. Common Holly’s definitely worth checking out.


No mention of the new record by Kadhja Bonet… Gawjus!


Completely forgot about this! Really excited about it after the Quietus review. Thanks for the reminder!


Lily Allen’s album is good


Hilary’s album is incredible. An early album of the year contender for me. I love how the melancholy of it bobs along on a dark sea and occasionally the music blooms. Reminds me a little of Nick Cave’s Skeleton Tree in places.

Anyone coming to see her London show tomorrow? Still tickets available (shockingly!) and if her set I saw in Belfast is anything to go by, we’re in for a transcendental treat.


I follow M.Ward on every social Network and now I had no idea this was out. Hate you algorithms.


I’ve always been a big Lykke Li fan and I’ve been obsessively listening to ‘hard rain’ for a few weeks now. The whole album is such a treat. I love the slinky misery of it but also how it has all the parts I love of hip-hop albums without some misogynistic dick rambling over the top of it. She has a whole new energy and magic with this album. Love it!