New Releases 8th June


I do too. I don’t get the critical consensus that seems to have grown up that this album is somehow a completely different animal from the predecessors where she tries and fails to ‘go commercial’ and ‘do hip hop’. There are a few touches that don’t work (that guest rap) but to me over all it’s just a subtle development of what she was doing before.

She’s an artist with a strong identity that shines through everything she does - that bruised, passionate yearning feel - and that is definitely still at the heart of this record even when it is occasionally (a little) more up tempo and commercial sounding. At the end it’s hits that ‘sad disco’ sweet spot more often than it misses. Glad I’m not the only one that loves it.


Completely agree with this, especially the Skeleton Tree comparison. Been obsessed with this record since Friday.

Wish I could get to the gig in London but will have to wait until she announces more tour dates. Any reviews from it would be great…


Was surprised by the DiS review (I have no say in what our writers say Etc). Tempted to write something about this year’s best miserableness. For now:


I’ve had it for a few weeks and when your mood sinks it really blooms. Also, didn’t you see she wrote this for us?


Thanks. That’s a great read.


The Lily Allen record is actually wonderful. As is Lykke Li. The pop girls brought their A game this week.


Given the Lykke Li album a good listen over the weekend - it’s fabulous. Really got under my skin - probably one of the only albums to really do that so far this year.


Thanks for the Hilary Woods recommendations upthread. A wonderful listen.


The Hilary Woods record is really beautiful.


Really dig this one. Awesome

#91 is pretty good - it reads what’s in your playlists and (usually) tells you when new stuff is out by them.


Bend Sinister - Foolish Games .

This may be their catchiest album yet! There are 5 or 6 ear worm tracks on it.


Thanks for the heads up on this. I’d missed it altogether.


So, from this weekend’s listening I have the following albums that tweaked something such that I want to give them another spin, to see whether they stick. Some interesting releases this week, I think, including:

Hilary Woods - Colt
Matt Maltese - Bad Contestant
Kadhja Boney - Childqueen
Jonathan Bree - Sleepwalking

Thanks to all who contribute to this thread …


That Hilary Woods album is truly amazing.


100% agree with that. It’s a beaut. Shows what reviewers know - it isn’t getting much in terms of ‘scores’ from the reviewers. Another nail in the scores’ coffin.


Weird isn’t it? Two albums released this week that I think are brilliant- Hilary Woods and Lykke Li - are both averaging in the mid 60s on AOTY, but Snail Mail, which seems to me (and others in this thread) to be very mediocre, is in the 80s. What do I know?


Just listened to this. Wonderful stuff. Had no idea it was the former JJ72 bassist until after either.


I’ve been really enjoying Hilary Woods and Jonathan Bree also. Will check out your other two. Definitely have a listen to Get Well Soon’s The Horror if you haven’t already. I think that’s my favourite from this particular week’s releases.