New Releases 9/10/2020

So what are you guys/gals listening to today?

Apart from heavy hitters like Future Islands or Metz, I’m looking forward to a new one from Gunn - Truscinski Duo.

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Beautiful Motors by The Goodbye Party. Featuring members of Yowler and Radiator Hospital. Fuzzy indie pop I suppose. It’s out on double double whammy, so it’ll be great

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Mary Lattimore has another new album out, she’s bloody prolific! Usually very pretty, near-ambient harp music


Her albums have been wonderful to read to during lockdown. Perfect for it - glad of a new one.

Osees live album today!


Headie One
Touché Amore

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There are a couple of new releases for me, but for now I’m listening to all of the rare/unreleased bonus albums and songs that have come with the re-released Divine Comedy albums, so that’ll probably take me all day to have one listen through. Plus there’s an updated digital version of Promenade so I’ll need to buy/listen to that also. It feels like Christmas!



Blow the cobwebs away first thing

aww then some nostalgia

Then over to france (one track features sufjan)

…and whilst we are here

quick stop at cool indie pop

trip out for a bit with some psychdelia

and another chill (has links with pains of being pure of heart)

some afternoon Americana

glance over this album cover ready to dismiss it but be pleasantly surprised by content

getting late now, this is a nice slow down

and finish off with some nice drones and textures


Ahh I’ve been super excited about that Slow Pulp album. One of those instances of stupid Spotify auto play actually giving me something good!

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The Most - Of What We Have (Mathrock, Midwest Emo with Jazzy Sax)


Emmy The Great for me today.


Thanks to @ricardomotorbike I now have a shiny new copy of the new Autechre album to listen to today, so I think that’s me covered.

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The Replacements album Pleased To Meet Me has been remastered (not sure if it was released this week or before but it’s new to me).

Had a quick listen last night and it sounded pretty great. Millions of bonus tracks etc, although I tend to just make playlists of the actual albums in those instances.


Crippled Black Phoenix


Replacements deluxe editon of “Pleased to Meet Me” out today

Touchè Amorè


Reason - new rapper on the TDE roster, with guest spots from ScHoolboy, Ab-Soul and Vince Staples


Got confused and thought you meant Sufjan was on the Travis album there


This is the one for me, although it’s already been on bandcamp for a little while


The Budos Band - Long in The Tooth: If Ennio Morricone and Mulatu Astatke made a soul funk record together, it would sound like this.

Paradise Cinema - s/t: Recorded in Senegal with local mbalax percussionists and Jack Wyllie of Portico Quartet, this is a mesmerising and rhythmic coalescence of jazz, experimental and world music.

Machinedrum - A View of U: Feature-heavy release from the noted producer, a cocktail of electronic music mixed from Armenian jazz, hip hop, drum and bass, hip hop, IDM, rave, dance, jungle and more.

Ustad Saami - Pakistan Is For The Peaceful: One for the more adventurous world music fan. The last living Surti scale Qawwali singer in the world, wanted dead by the Taliban, wth an album of microtonal singing over strings and harmonium drone.

Lama Lobsang Palden & Jim Becker: Compassion: Chants and bells from a Tibetan yoga master and practitioner of holistic energy medicine with drone-folk from the Chicagoan producer and session musician for likes of Iron & Wine.

Garcia Peoples - Nightcap at Wits’ End: Cosmic indie jams, a little bit Beta Band, a little bit Love.


Prog Sludge / post metal

Crippled Black Phoenix
The new album sounds great on first listen but that She’s in Parties cover is a bit pointless.