New releases 9/3/2018

What you all excited about today?

Just listened to the new David Byrne, pretty enjoyable but reckon it’s going to take a few listens to properly digest. Got Oneida and Young Fathers lined up next. Owt else?

Loving the new Nap Eyes.


New of Montreal is a good one. Inspired by 80s dance remixes apparently. One of the less kah-razy releases from them, more coherent.

I’ve heard good reviews of Young Fathers. I’ll check that out over the weekend but looking at the list of releases today it seems like a quite week for someone with a generic indie taste in music like me.

Ooh didn’t know about Oneida - got a train journey to London shortly so will line that one up.

Interested in new Young Fathers, hated the first single from the David Byrne album so not expecting much from the album but will give it a go.

Came here to say Nap Eyes too @BMS1 might be worth your time, falls under the generic indie banner (velvet underground are one they are compared too a lot). New Albert Hammond jr out today too but I’ve not kept up with the strokes or any of their spin offs in years so not sure of it’ll be something I’m into

Looking forward to giving this a listen too…

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Is pinkshinyultrablast out now?

Big week, on the docket today:

Jonny Greenwood - You Were Never Really Here OST (I already know this is great)
Albert Hammond Jr - Francis Trouble
Young Fathers - Cocoa Sugar

30 seconds into the first track on Young Fathers and I’m already convinced it’s gonna be a good’un

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Nathaniel Rateliff might be worth a glance (haven’t listened to anything since Falling Faster Than You Can Run)

Did you listen to any of AHJr solo albums? Because this is basically the same vibe as them, just a touch more “mature” and crafted.

Didn’t actually realise they had a new album out so this is a nice surprise.

Thought Rock Fish Scale was a great album to listen to while wearing a dressing gown.

I was right, these guys don’t know how to do anything but amazing

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Looking forward to giving the new Whyte Horses a go, really enjoyed the last one.

Used to be a massive of Montreal fan, but haven’t really listened to the last few albums, might give this one a go.

New one from Recondite who specialises in atmospheric techno. Never been entirely convinced by their previous albums in spite of making pretty big waves in that particular genre, but I’m giving it a go anyway.

Listening to the new George FitzGerald. Definitely fitting my Friday morning slightly hungover mood.


I remember listening too and thinking his first was a decent enough listen…will queue this one up cheers

Really love his early acoustic stuff, if you haven’t heard them before you might be in for a surprise with the nightsweats as quite a big departure from his solo stuff. Big soul/blues/rnb feel to it but in my opinion they do it well

Me too! Those first two albums are near perfect. I’ve heard a few songs here and there since he ‘changed’ to …and the nighsweats that haven’t really measured up… I’ll give it a go… then probably stick on Early Spring Till and get all emosh

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