New releases - 9/7/2021

All about Koreless for me today

But what else is there?


New Vince Staples album, not heard anything from it yet but will give it a go

Pre-ordered the vinyl from Rough Trade and looking forward to giving the debut from Drug Store Romeos a listen


The Goon Sax - Mirror II

Aussie indie jangle rock from the band featuring Robert Forster’s son.


Arushi Jain - Under the Lilac Sky

Classical Indian vocals and modular synth drones

Les Filles de Illighadad - At Pioneer Works

Ancient village choral chants and Tuareg desert guitar come together in the latest release from Niger’s leading female trio.

Tkay Maidza - Last Year Was Weird, Vol. 3

Third volume of the EP with the pretty massive understatement of a title from the Zimbabwean-born Australian singer-songwriter-rapper.


The two big ones for me this week have already been mentioned.

Vince Staples is a brilliant artist and the reviews for the new album have been great. The Goon Sax are one of the few indie guitar bands worth caring about these days. Their last album was an unnoticed masterpiece and a massive advance from their first record. Looking forward to seeing where they go with this one.


Half Waif - Mythopoetics

The big one for me today. Exquisitely sad electronic pop and singer-songwriter type stuff. Orange Blossoms and Party’s Over are two of the most beautiful songs release this year so far

Mariah the Scientist - RY RY World

Heartbroken electronic R&B if the enjoyable singles and album cover are anything to go by.

Also Tkay Maidza, Les Filles de Illighadad, and Vince Staples


New single from ex Cooper Temple Clause singer and keyboard player is out today.


Ooh, a great week! In addition to the Half Waif album which in really looking forward to, I’ve also got:

Daniel Buerkner - Landschaft aus Papier
He’s currently on zero monthly listeners! Help him break double digits. "
He’s on the Oscarson label, and so I’m hoping I really like it as they make some lovely limited physical copies of their albums. He apparently used to go by the name of Squares On Both Sides.

Alex Mayr - Park
Another German sung album. She released a great debut album a couple of years ago which I loved, and has also released a soundtrack album with Get Well Soon. Catchy guitar indie pop.

Mieke Miami - Montecarlo Magic
Another German artist! But English singing this time I think. Apparently she “hovers between Acid Jazz, Roisin Murphy and E.S.G.”, whatever that means.

Drug Store Romeos - The World Within Our Bedrooms
They’ve had a song pop up in Music League, and sound like really lovely dreamy indie pop.


Just Vince Staples and Koreless then whatever I find in this thread

Hybrid - Black Halo
Atmospheric electronica from the 90s/00s breakbeaters.

Karkhana - Al Azraqayn
Middle Eastern psychedelic free jazz


No idea who Koreless are, but now I’m just thinking of Frather Ted and Corless, Corless and Sweeney:

"Excuse me, Father Crilly,
there’s a woman here to see you.

A woman, Mrs Doyle.
I think you mean a nun.

Oh, no, no, no, no.
It’s a woman all right.

A young woman…with a skirt.

I’ll be off then.

  • Hello, Father Crilly?
  • Yes.

I’m from Corless,
Corless and Sweeney.

We’re fine for coal, thanks.

No. It’s nothing to do with coal."


Pal of mine has a new track out today, kinda indie folk sorta stuff with a lot of violin. Real good, check her out:

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Had this pre-ordered on Bandcamp for a while hope its good.

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Bit of shredding power pop from DZ Deathrays

New Twin Shadow album as well

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Xiu Xiu - OHNO
15 new unsettling art-rock songs

Pictureplane - Dopamine

Maximalist house

Moin - Moot!

Mathy-rock, mostly instrumental with a few fragments of spoken-word lyrics

Bryan Away - Canyons to Sawdust

“conjures otherworldly beauty and tender melody in equal measure, calling back to the sweeping, richly orchestrated chamber pop of the mid-2000s.”

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The vocalist from Balance & Composure has a solo album out today -

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Cosmic Psychos - Mountain of Piss

New album by veteran Aussie thud rockers


my track from the label compilation that came out last week is up on streaming sites as well today -


Sneaker Pimps are back in the form of a pog etc etc

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