New releases - April 19 2019, a very good Friday


Kelsey Lu! Lizzo! Heather Woods Broderick! Bananrama!

Maybe even people that aren’t women too,

What else?

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Heather Woods Broderick record is beautiful.

Also very interested in the Johanna Samuels ep


Dead to a Dying World have a new album out.
A mix of black/death and post metal.


Gonna give the new Loyle Carner album a go later (UK hip hop)

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Fat White Family. The first 2 singles are bangers so looking forward to it.

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Looking forward to hearing the Lizzo record but slightly irked by the lack of a physical release.


Going to give the new Wand album a go in a minute. Seems to have very mixed reviews.


There’s a new Self Defence Family ep.


the new Field Medic record fade into the dawn is out today. Lo-fi singer songwriter signed to Run For Cover. It’s got a wonky alt country/americana feel to it with glitchy electronic elements. FFO Rhett Miller, John K Samson


Jay-Jay Johanson has a new album out. He’s Swedish and begins with a J and has a deep crooning voice so j always associate him with Jen’s Lekman.

Tune-Yards appear to have an album out, as a soundtrack to a film. The one song I’ve listened to was very good.

Some EP by a band called Eyre Llew is also on my Spotify release radar, but I forget who they are. Sounds Sigur Ros-esque.

An album by someone called Warming. They’re on my Great Escape list of bands to check out/maybe see. Seems catchy enough stuff.

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New Drudkh album out today as well, and a Thou live EP.

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Gonna give The leisure society and Tallest man on earth a spin

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The album is amazing, the ep is too much of a Sigur Ros clone.


All about Kelsey Lu for me today.


All about the Fat Whites for me today.

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oh…and The Tallest Man On Earth has his new one out, for those not familiar he is a Swedish singer songwriter heavily indebted to Dylan. His music is bloody lovely. Not heard the new one but have high hopes


sorry just noticed you mentioned The Tallest Man On Earth already


Not much to add, but Scottish band L-Space are worth a try and there’s a Gang of Four record out too. Anyone who likes Calypso stuff might want to check out a new Mighty Sparrow compilation!

Mostly looking forward to Loyle Carner today.


Listening to the Lizzo album, like the homage to Creep on Jerome! It’s all great so far though

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I think the Tallest Man on Earth is out digitally today, and the physical release is in June

Sunn O))) out today as well

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