New Releases - April 5

What’s new and good today?

I’m into -
Joep Beving (piano, modern classical type stuff)

PUP (power pop punk-ish)

Cocaine Piss (shouty, bratty stuff, can’t go wrong with a name like that!)

Weyes Blood for me. Early impressions are that it’s very good indeed.


forgot that one! thanks for the reminder

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The Seduction of Kansas by Priests is finally out. I haven’t heard anything ahead of time, but their debut was one of the best few albums of 2017 so I’m excited.


Rozi Plain (sounding beautiful as ever) and Martha for me. Will check out WH Lung as well, And Shana Cleveland, the front person of La Luz


Proper Ornaments and Weyes Blood will do nicely for my mood today

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Luke Sital Singh - A Golden State will be on my headphones today.

For me today:

Club Night - Emo/indie released on Tiny Engines
Callum Easter - Scottish singer songwriter signed to Lost Map

…and it also looks like the new Idlewild one is out which has snuck up on me

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The W.H. lung album is magnificent - FFO Cavern of Anti-Matter, Eat Lights Become Lights, Beak> etc.



Also Priests.

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Thank you, @mattthornton90, I was unaware of the new Proper Ornaments LP. First track sounding wonderfully languid and jangly.

Next up for me will be Rozi Plain … supposedly with added jazz to her usual gentle indie stuff, so colour me intrigued.

I’ll also be checking in with Damien Jurado’s offering today. In the Shape of a Storm, supposedly acoustic treatments of unused songs from the past two decades. Again, intriguing.

There’s a new Vera Sola single out today - I know there are a few fans here.



All types of guitar rock. All good.


Updated descriptions for this if of interest:

The Club Night record is pretty off kilter and mathy in places, really enjoying it. FFO Go Team, Oxford Collapse, other Tiny Engines artists and maybe even Wolf Parade

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Is Damian Jurado physical release only today with a later date for streaming? Think he did that with the last album

Pup, Idlewild and Martha for me.


I grew up in Edinburgh in the late 90s/early 00s so just Idlewild for me.

^All of these and…

Weyes Blood


I’ll have to give those other ones a go. I’m pretty sure I enjoyed the last Priests album. Never heard of Weyes Blood, but a quick scan of reviews seems more than promising. I definitely need to get more metal in my armoury again. but so help me god, if that turns out to be black metal… I’ll probably switch off midway through.

You’re safe, Conjurer are more Sludge/Doom

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