New Releases Friday 11th October


No idea what else is coming out today tbh, feed me.


Kim Gordon
Big Thief
Baby Metal for me this week.

(Need to listen to Lisa Prank from last week too.)

Ah nice there’s a new Bill Orcutt record too.


Welllllll, it’s the Big Thief


Richard Dawson
Lil Kim (though my expectations are v low)

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Big Thief is the biggy! Very excited to listen to it.

Also equally excited for the new Richard Dawson album 2020, singles have been great and he is amazing in general. Jogging is a great song to get an idea of how he sounds.

Also the new Kim Gordan is exciting.

My recommendation people may not know about is the debut album from SHHE. I saw her support Kathryn Joseph earlier this year and she was great. Excited to hear the full album. Kind of atmospheric electronics in a Daughter way, really liked the singles.


Bats for some alt rock / metal, Cold in Berlin for some Goth metal goodness. Their last album sounded like Siouxsie Sioux’s sludge metal band :metal:

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New BODEGA as well, albeit it’s 7 songs in 15mins


Big Thief and Richard Dawson, basically feels like Christmas morning.


Newmoon will probably be servicably shoegazing again. Lot’s of others already mentioned.

Oooh, i think Cursive have something new out, too.

Got a good feeling that there will be new Kanye today.


Lightning Bolt for me and nothing else unless @LastAstronaut has got any BM recs

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Have Nick Cave and Wilco still on repeat but will be definitely adding Big Thief, Richard Dawson and Cursive to the rotation.

And there are new albums from Swans and Lanegan coming next week and the week after that a new one from Great Grandpa which I’m incredibly excited about. What a month!

Oooo new lightnimg bolt


Aww boo

Reckon I’ll give Dawson and Big Thief a go

I heard the new Big Thief all the way through on the way to work. It’s a very good album. On the first listen I liked it far more than their previous one that just didn’t click with me. I wouldn’t completely agree with the gushing review of Pitchfork’s but it’s a strong album nonetheless.

Heard the first half of Kim Gordon’s. It’s an “in your face” brash album. I mean that in a good way. Didn’t know what to expect but pleasantly surprised.

I’ll listen to it through on the way home and have SHHE downloaded too. Never heard of SHHE but will check it out on the back of the above recommendations.

There’s a new Zu record! Did not know this was coming.


That Shhe album is really good. Thanks :slight_smile:

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Disappointing week in early October for me (usually a busy time!)

Just Richard Dawson so far, but might try 808 State and Momus if they’re back on form!

Added Kim Gordon to my list now, ta.