New Releases Friday 11th October

Pretty much my assessment too.

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Bats - Alter nature (been really enjoying this the last week - fast furious and funny.)

Abdul Mogard - Kimberlin (soundtrack)


Kim Gordon sounds good

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i like the artwork too. see you in the artwork thread

Yeah this is really good unsurprisingly - shame about the length and the last song being one that was on the first album though. Maybe my favourite current indie rock act

The Undies have a new album out!

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JP Shilo’s album is good too (pretty handy supporting cast in Mick Harvey, Steve Shelley and Kim Salmon)

Richard Dawson and Big Thief for me.

The Richard Dawson session on Marc Riley’s show last night was absolutely stunning.

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oof, that cover art is the same as a HudMo ep :grimacing:

guess I wasn’t the first to notice!

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Forgot to take my earphones to work

I hate when that happens!

the body - remixed

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Big Thief album is superb.

That band can do no wrong. Two wonderful albums in one year.


Tandem Felix - Rom-Com

(as seen in the Best Artwork thread)

Lovely stuff, definitely for fans of Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks

Think they said there’s a slight delay getting it on Spotify but it’s on bandcamp here

I have actually. This is due out today, it’s not on Spotify yet and not all the tracks are available on bandcamp, but it should be a beaut.

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Really enjoyed the new Kim Gordon on first listen. It’s lazy to make the comparison, but it does piss all over the other post-SY output of the other band members.

Speaking of piss, some of the lyrics are a little erm: You can pee in the ocean, golden vanity, you can pee in the ocean it’s free.

And there’s the track which includes a chorus of: Air BnB gonna set me free.

Both of those are funny I guess, but a little distracting :woman_shrugging:

Now on to Lightning Bolt, Lightning Bolt, Lightning Bolt, Lightning Bolt, Lightning Bolt, Lightning Bolt, Lightning Bolt


*listens to new elbow album

*hopes they won’t mention eyes too much, get away from the easy DiS fodder

  • mentions eyes about 57 times in the first track

It’s alright though. As usual with later elbow albums I think the track order lets it down a bit – loses momentum by track 2 – but there are some really good tracks on there. White Noise White Heat is great.


The Kim Gordon album is so good! Nice and noisy, my favourite SY was always Kim angrily singing over some noise so this fits the bill nicely.