New Releases Friday 19th July 2019

What’s out today?

Listened to Ada Lea on the way to work and am listening to Mal Blum as I type this. They’re both good but not really AOTM top 5 picks on first listen.

Anything else I need to check out?

Pretty slim pickings this week. Had a listen to the Ada Lea album. It’s very nice

Wreck & Reference - Absolute Still Life.

I already know this is great, but just want more people to listen to it. Abstract electronic rock pop? I dunno. This album has some Xiu Xiu-ishness to it, veering from beauty to ugly regularly. From subdued spoken word vocals in to full on guttural screamo. I love it.


I’ll give Ada Lea another few spins. I was listening to it whilst nodding off slightly whilst also trying to read my Kindle on the tube. I didn’t give it a proper listen through.

Sounds interesting. I’ll check it out. Thanks for the heads up.

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Hope you like it! Here’s a pretty indicative track. It runs the full gamut of their sound a certain amount.

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Check out Lachlan Denton’s album ‘A Brother’

Lachlan and his brother Zac were in the band Ocean Party (ffo Go Betweens, Dick Diver, Real Estate). Tragically Zac died suddenly last year. Lachlan has poured out his grief and love into this beautiful album. Floored me on my first listen. Extremely sad but also uplifting!


Nice one!

Certainly liked that track. Very varied sounds within that one track itself. I’ll download the album later.

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been really enjoying this, wouldn’t be surprised if flenser get 3 albums in my top 10 this year.


Maxo Kream

hello pals

our new single is released today, for fans of real estate // camera obscura // miserable scottish indie pop x


Theres a new compilation out from Tony Molina - Songs From San Mateo County although not on spotify as yet. He’s a master of very short songs and has gone from fuzzed out Weezer dirges to mid carreer Beatles influenced songs. As far as I am aware this is a comp of b sides and additional tracks spanning the last 10 years


Lingua Ignota and only Lingua Ignota.


What are the other two?

Sound of the summer

FFO: danananakroyd, FOTL, futureheads, we are the physics (on account of being mostly the same band)

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Torche - Admission

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Drowse is excellent dirgey, dark shoegaze and more.

Not out yet, but there’s a new Have a Nice Life album out later this year and deathconsciousness is one of my favourite albums ever.

Also, not quite my bag but I can understand why Elizabeth Color Wheel get a lotta love too.


Not released today but it’s a newie from this last week soooo…

new summery one from hauntology good lad Wiktor Stribog

Darren Hayman has released an album about the 12 Astronauts to go to the moon and it’s lovely. He really does effortlessly knock out constantly wonderful albums.


Brilliant news. Didn’t realise that it’s out despite having tickets for his show next month.

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