New Releases Friday 4th October

I’m on a night shift and managed to download and listen to a few tracks from:

Angel Oslen
Julie’s Haircut
Carla Dal Forno and
Kacy and Clayton.

Like the bigger, grander sound of Angel Olsen. Looking forward to repeated listens of it. Her best album for me at the moment is still Burn Your Fire… with Windows her best track. It’s always stunning when she plays it live.

Kacy and Clayton is fun straightforward folk pop.

Julie’s Haircut are a psychedelic band. A sound slightly similar to that of early Flaming Lips and Mercury Rev. Worth a skim listen for some people maybe.

Carla Dal Forno’s album sound very good. Listening to it on earphones as I type this. It’s easy soothing listen. Sounds more accessible to me than some of her other stuff which I couldn’t quite get into. Really liking the new one.

What else do I need to check out?


Stop what you’re doing! Nick Cave’s GHOSTEEN is up on Spotify now!


Windows is absolutely stunning both live and recorded.

Nick Cave and Angel Olsen for me this week. Super excited for both.

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Danny Brown, helium voiced hip hop hero has a new one out today


I will also be listening to an hour and seven minutes of Boris. If I’m honest I usually prefer the idea of Boris to actually listening to their records but I hope this one is a winner.

Nick cave first though obviously.

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I’m all about DIIV today. I’ve had their singles on heavy rotation (“rinsing” is what I believe you kids call it). Seems a step up from their previous output.

will be interested to hear your thoughts on new Avett Brothers, their last couple of release have completely passed me by but I was a big fan of ‘I and Love and You’

Angel Olsens new one is a masterpiece!

In addtion to what folk have mentioned I also have

The Menzingers - Hello Excile: Excellently executed pop-punk, FFO PUP
Boduf Songs - Abyss Versions: Dark, gloomy, atmospheric singersongwriter with a background in black metal. FFO Chelsea Wolfe/Marissa Nadler/Leonard Cohen

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Danny Brown!!!
Not on tidal yet doe :frowning:

Yeah it is, you’ve just got to battle through Tidal’s woeful search algorithm

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Thank u, its now on for my commute!!

Old Amica - Constellation

I think these guys are my favourite band. They released s lovely instrumental album earlier this year, but are back with vocals this time. So relaxed and dreamy. Sounds good so far!

Will also check our San Fermin and Boduf Songs mentioned above, as I I liked previous albums of theirs.


Loved Taiga from earlier this year so can’t wait to check this out

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Amazing day with Angel Olsen and Nick Cave releases. I’m only going to listen the Nick Cave album once so it’s still fresh when I get the vinyl (hate these split releases).

When you remember this week also saw releases by The Comet is Coming, Chromatics and Young MA it is truly incredible.

Damn, Angel Olsen, Danny Brown, DIIV, Menzingers, Nick Cave.

Listened to Danny and Menzingers last night (weirdo hip hop and emoish rock respectively) but will take a walk today for Nick Cave and Angel.

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Best release day I can remember

Danny Brown
Nick Cave
Angel Olson

Without scratching the surface

The singer from Lightening Dust was in Black Mountain? is that right? if so i definitely spinning that… amazing singer especially live.

New Goldie Lookin Chain album out today, clarts

Lightning Dust - Infinite Light was amazing. I Googled it just now. Can’t believe it came out 10 years ago.

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Today I will be mostly listening to…

Nick Cave &TBS
Angel Olsen
Danny Brown


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