New Releases Friday 4th October

So do The Darkness…

Very excited to hear what Billy Woods’ second album of 2019 is like (the first may well be my AOTY at the moment). L’Orange and Jeremiah Jae’s new collab is sounding pretty damn good too. Oh and I guess Danny Brown has a new one out as well. Not a bad day for hip hop when his new record is in third place on my most-excited-to-hear list.

It’s been a while since I really fell for a Boris album but I’ll dive into that at some point too. Also my mate it putting John on next week so I’ll have to brave that unsearchable name and find out what they’re all about.

Started with Danny Brown today, sounds pretty good! Negro Spiritual is a good head bouncer, probably my fave from my first listen.

Got Nick Cave (maybe listen later after work, feels like something I want to pay attention to), Angel Olsen, Boris and Carla dal Forno.

Also, this was nice to see this morning.


New Gatecreeper is pretty damn good for those who like things a bit heavier. Riffy, doomy thrash.

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all of the above & Wilco.

praise thee music overlords for this day.


Oh shit I almost forgot there’s a new record by worriedaboutsatan out as well! Good lord it’s a busy day.


Had to turn that Nick Cave album off after 4 songs. Christ that is boring :frowning:

today is all about The Menzingers and Bayside for me. The Menzingers album I’ve had for a few weeks but in PR Stream Quality so it’s good to finally hear it ‘properly’ (although sadly it does also mean the weird vocal production has been confirmed as a choice and not a problem with Promojukebox).

Bayside probably aren’t a very DiS band but they’ve putting out reliably catchy pop-rock for almost 20 years and have unexpectedly dropped an album chock full of 80s metal riffs and solos, and I’m loving it.

Yeah just diving into this now cc @worrier1


You’ve described my feelings on Boris better than I ever could


Jemma Freeman & The Comic Something

Urge you all to listen to this. Jemma is incredible. Psych / spacey / garage rock but poppy as hell too and just so, so tight

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Busy day. I have

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
We Lost the Sea
The Comet is Coming
Minor Pieces

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Just finished listening to this and on first listen, it was just ok. Nothing close to Departure Songs :frowning:

High hopes for Worriedaboutsatan

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My god this Nick Cave album is absolutely unbelievable. He’s operating on a transcendent plane of brilliance these days.

That song Waiting for You. Just wonderful.


Oof I’m not in the mood for this today either

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I will be trying to cram Nick Cave, Angel Olsen, Wilco into my day before I go to work. Also very excited for the Minor Pieces album:

Yeah, just got to Waiting for You, very beautiful. My fave Nick Cave has been the last two albums, so enjoy the more floaty songs, this is really doing it for me up to now.

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Worriedaboutsatan, Nick Cave, Angel Olsen, Penguin Cafe and Portico Quartet for me today!

Bumper crop!

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Stunning isn’t it? I can’t quite take it all in. It’s like it’s not quite real. Incredible record, but going to need a long time with it.

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For all the rockers there’s a new The Wildhearts EP out today called Diagnosis.
Lead track is from their LP from earlier this year plus 5 brand new songs.