New Releases Friday 6th March

I’ve a few on my list for today:

Must listens are US Girls, Nadia Reid and Stephen Malkmus. I might skim listen to Cornershop.

I’m listening to Caroline Rose’s new album as I type this. Sounds excellent and certainly would appeal to US Girls fans.

What else is worth checking out?

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Pantha Du Prince


Lots interesting me today.

Pantha Du Prince
US Girls
Anna Calvi
The Saxophones
Military Genius

And more once this thread gets going too, no doubt.

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Disq - Collector (post-punk/indie rock/little bit of folk). Excited the most about this today.

Snarls - Burst. Throwback to mid 90s. Walk in the Woods is such a great song so looking forward to the rest of it.

Will listen to Caroline Rose as well though I didn’t like the singles that much.

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Islet album called Eyelet is sounding lovely at this time of day. For fans of Vanishing Twin, beach house etc.


Jonathan Wilson has a new one out today. Country-esque vibes from it.

Nadia Reid!!!


Got a ‘single’ out in advance of my next album. Vintage IDM vibes for fans of Plaid, Black Dog, etc


Today is all about Honey Harper’s “cosmic country” debut ‘Starmaker’.


Excited to check out the R.A.P Ferreira album which is the new guise of Milo who makes wonderfully humble, lucid / stream of consciousness jazzy rap.

@colossalhorse brought this new project to my attention the other week and with Milo’s track record, I imagine this should be something special.


Ooh, a few today.
From the already mentioned, I’ll be checking out:
Caroline Rose, Anna Calvi, The Saxophones, Disq, Islet, and Honey Harper.

Other unmentioned people:
Lauren Auder has a new five track ep out. Such a great voice, looking forward to listening to this lots, and the no doubt great strings.
Maxence Cyrin: neo-classical piano music.
Overcoats: female duo who I seem to be following but can’t remember!
Teho Teardo: unsettling instrumental sounds

Ooh and Birthh - I hadn’t realised she had a new album out. I loved her last one from a few years ago,so I’m going to dig into this one now. Nice voice and sounds.

Ah I checked out the saxophones a while ago and enjoyed them - will give that a listen.

Will also try the new kozza as his last one wasn’t as shit.

U.S. Girls, Stephen Malkmus, Islet, Erland Cooper and Luke Haines/Peter Buck for me, Clive.

Really enjoyed the Cornershop album

This is a tune


Will give “In Threes” by Handle (sort of a clattering ESG/ACR-sequel post-punk/art-rock type of thing) a go after hearing “Mhmm” on Marc Riley a couple of times.

After I’ve finished listening to Snarls though, which is sounding good on the first time through.

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Us girls and malk sensei

Really nice chords in this. ooh and liking where the second half goes too.

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Cheers pal :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Made the second half on the train down to London earlier this year and learned the obvious lesson when I got home and listened again that it’s very hard to judge sub bass levels over the rumble of a train!


there’s a new the whitest boy alive single out today too