New releases - Friday April 3 2020

Anna Burch and Savage Mansion are the big ones for me today as mentioned above. Will also try to track down the Andy Hull demos.

One not mentioned so far I think is CMON - Confusing Mix Of Nations, really nice electro-indie, plenty for fans of MGMT and The Strokes but much heavier on the Dance/Pop elements. This track is a jam…

Reckon I’ll be listening to:

Yves Tumor
Pigs x7
Nathan Fake
Félicia Atkinson
Minor Science

Then seeing what others recommend. Not a bad haul. Listened to Thundercat so far and, as with every Thundercat album to date, it was pleasant but kinda washed over me. Think he’s best served in small doses for me.


Lovely Eggs was a fun listen. Seemed to complete the transition the last album started.

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Thoroughly enjoying the new TV on the Radio album.

Oh right, it’s by Yves Tumor apparently.



tetema out today (Mike Patton + Anthony Pateras)
Enjoying this on first listen.

Listened to thundercat. ANother top album by him. Lining up Yves Tunor next to check out

Or a deliberate ploy to get on people’s radars?

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Melkbelly = noisy melodic rock

Rather enjoying the “Zelda” EP from The Sewer Cats on the ever-reliable Hell Hath No Fury label.

Seven lo-fi scuzzy garage-punk tunes “about cats and smashing the patriarchy” in a little over 13 minutes.

Yes, there is. Really excellent it is too.

I hope this embeds the Spotify link but I can’t say I’m totally confident in my work!


If there after the middle aged man demographic then, yes.

Big thumbs up for the warm digits new one, if anyone fancy’s some working at home dancey Krautrock.

They’re both wonderful

The new Headie One mixtape is great and a bit of a different direction for him. Features FKA Twigs/Jamie XX/some other cool people.


Hiss Golden Messenger has a live album out today.

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Really love this.

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new Windy & Carl!

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the new NNAMDI album is a special one!
intoxicating blend of experimental hip-hop, math-rock, indie-rock…