New releases - Friday August 21 2020

Would have to do the unthinkable to find out!


If nothing else, it’s quite funny and has put a smile on my face. The last track is fucking hilarious

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The single I heard suggested this, yes

My ex-band mate in Maths has a new album with his band Other Half today who are really good melodic indie/punk/post-Hardcore stuff:

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I’m quite excited for No Joy actually. The bits I’ve heard thus far sound really good.

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This is the fella from Clor iirc? Will give a listen

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London Contemporary Orchestra - Giacinto Scelsi: String Trio

Lisa Lerkenfeldt - Collagen

Oh, was looking forward to Re-Animator - didn’t know it had been delayed. Not long to go anyway!

Whisper it, but this new Killers record is pretty great

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Really liking this.

A bit Melody’s Echo Chamber, a bit Exploded View

Bright Eyes and Rachel Angel were the two I was waiting for, but I’ll also be giving these (loosely) ambienty ones a listen:

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This is out and is great


Not sure what I make of that I Like Trains album at all. Will take a few listens.

Palehorse/Palerider have a split album for those looking for some doomgaze.

Bright Eyes
No Joy- Motherhood
Less Bells- Mourning Jewelry (ambient, modern composition)
Library Tapes- Quiet City (ambient, piano, modern composition)
Chronovalve- Light (atmospheric ambient)
Ian Hawgood- The Endless Sadness of the Shoreless Heart (EP) (ambient, drone)

New Nas is out, first track has a great beat so starting well

Guided by Voices ( finally!)
The Killers
Bright Eyes

For me today.

And Eight Rounds Rapid , thanks for whoever reccomended that up thread , I’d never heard of them.

Matmos album is 3 hours long. Giant Swan, Max Tundra, Oneohtrix Point Never, Mouse On Mars, Yo La Tengo, clipping. and Rabit all feature on it.


Did not know the Library Tapes album was coming. Really nice, even if some of the tracks feel a bit more like sketches rather than full developed ideas.

The lemon twigs have produced another frustrating listen. You know there capable of producing a classic but they always seem to miss the target with too many half arsed ideas.

Picked up the new Bent Arcana album from my local shop earlier. Dead good.