New Releases, July 12th

Metz and that frightened rabbit thing. I was sure there was something else I was eager to get but for the life of me I can’t remember what it was… Piss.


The New Order live album with the silly name is out today. It’s the one with loads of extra keyboards and some deep cuts.

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Penelope Isles is pretty good too on first listen.

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Bit of a slow week for me. Will probably listen to the new album by the Silver Jews guy (now trading as Purple Mountains)


New EP from Lusine sounds predictably lovely - melodic electronica with glitchy beats


Penelope Isles I think. Maybe New Order. Probably 808 State’s new EP. And the Africa Express one.

Guess I’ll listen to drab majesty

intrigued by Penelope Isles, will be checking out

Joanna Sternberg for me too, sweet but sad indie folk, primarily voice and piano. Reminds me a little of Moldy Peaches

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perhaps not so ramshackle as moldy peaches… kind of for fans of joanna newsome but without the quirk.

Couple not mentioned yet that I’ll be checking out:

Cool Original - I never said I did’t care this is the drummer from Strange Rangers band, emo/indie from what I have heard so far. FFO Tiny Engines roster

Bleached - Don’t you think you’ve had enough pop punk from former members of Mika Miko

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agreed, I think it’s the earnest simplicity of it that’s giving me the Moldy Peaches vibe, can’t quite put my finger on it

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Just incase these haven’t been covered

fans of car seat headrest possibly

Fans of beach house with more guitars

super cool pop stuff

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Nah, this is alright like. Some of it is Tycho by numbers and I’ll admit the vocal works better in some places than other but I kinda liked it. Made for an enjoyable sunny commute this morning.

liking this Mal Blum record based on first couple of tracks, nice anthemic trashy indie rock

New Frightened Rabbit tribute record is really tasteful and quite beautiful in parts. Really looking forward to sitting down and absorbing it tonight.

Sorry for the jag, but we’ve (New Ghost) stuck out our little collab/mini-album today. It features contributions from Craig B (Aereogramme) and Caroline Cawley (Church Of The Cosmic Skull). It’s a bit fuzzy indie, a bit lo-fi beat pop. Sure some folk might find something to enjoy in it -


The Bleached album was the one I was looking forward to, but - as ever - a few things on this thread sound worth checking out later.

There’s also a new EP (“It’s A Hit!”) from Aussie Indiepop supergroup The Stroppies that should be good as their “Whoosh” album is one of my favourites of the year so far.

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Not an album but Taylor McFerrin my man, it’s been too long.

K.Flay — Solutions

Part hip hop, part Tay-Tay style big studio pop, with hints of noisy electro pop (synthesised fuzz-bass, etc.):

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The Daughter version of Poke is incredible