New Releases- June the 7th 2019

Big Friday folks, on tap for me:

Neil Young and the Stray Gators ‘Tuscaloosa’ :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:
Biosphere ‘The Senja Recordings’ :heart_eyes:
Earthen Sea ‘Grass and Trees’
Yeasayer ‘Erotic Returns’
Pelican ‘Nightmare Stories’

Might check out the Silversun Pickups new one as well if someone says its good first.

What do you have on tap?


About to give The Divine Comedy’s Office Politics a go…



Will give Pixx a go too.

Two weeks til Hot Chip…

Oh shit, Plaid’s ‘Polymer’ is out as well.

For Bob Dylan freaks ‘Rolling Thunder Revue’ live box set out too. Whoa mama. Thank god I took tomorrow off.

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Going to listen after I’ve had a sleep


Very excited for Silversun Pickups, though I haven’t heard anything off of it yet. I’m hoping working with Butch Vig is a sign of good things to come.

I’ll give Pelican a shot too - I’m only really familiar with Forever Becoming (I get the sense it’s disliked but I enjoyed it) and the song March Into the Sea (which is incredible).


Palehound ‘Black Friday’ for me. Loved their first two, and the pre-release singles suggest more of the same.

For those who don’t know them: female-fronted indie rock, angular guitars, maybe a slight folk leaning. Kind of like Speedy Ortiz but with better tunes.


Also, Vanishing Twin ‘Age of Immunology’.

FFO Broadcast (maybe)


Currently playing the new album from The Membranes. Sprawling post-punk double album. So far so good.

New Cave In album (Final Transmission) out today so will be rinsing that shortly. Also on the list are new from Divine Comedy and the brilliantly named Morass of Molasses. Plenty to get through!

There’s a new Jambinai album out today, praise be! (South Korean post-rock).


Think I’ll give the Cave In album a bloody good go


Resident’s aotw btw

Noname album appeared on my Spotify release radar but it’s actually some Japanese pop rock shrugs and listens anyway

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Didn’t realise they had a new one even on the way - loved the last one. Thanks.

Lust For Youth self titled album is first up for me

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Divine comedy
Cave in


This is my day sorted


Tuscaloosa is yet another excellent live Archives release. I especially love the Stray Gators takes on New Mama and Lookout Joe, and all the Harvest stuff sounds fresh.

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Never heard of these before i read that article yesterday. Gave ‘magicians success’ a couple of listens to and loved it so i’ll be giving this a go today.

I’ll give membranes a spin too as i quote liked ‘dark matter’.

Big day for me.

The new Pelican is great on first listen, keeping some of that groove in the post metal.

Cubanate have a new ep, their first since the 90’s and should be some great industrial techno

Is Bliss
Psyche rock heavily influenced by Storm in Heaven Verve and early Spiritulized.

Alex Banks
It sounds a bit post dubstep but has that claustrophobic sound of dark electronica that I love.