New Releases- June the 7th 2019

big one for me today not already mentioned is Stef Chura - Midnight. Produced by Will Toledo of Car Seat Headrest and out on Saddle Creek. Singles have been supers so high hopes. Thrashy alt rock in places, FFO Car Seat Headrest, Pixies, Pavement and if anyone is into the current Tiny Engines roster I would give it a crack


Palehound are excellent. Really liked the pre release singles for this one.

Also Silversun Pickups, Cave In, Plague Vendor. Currently listening to the new Perry Farrell which sounds very promising.

if anyone likes cosy folk rock Jake Xerxes Fussell has a new one called Out Of Sight. He does folk properly, digging to find old songs about sailing and selling fish and etc and then makes them completely his own. Really good guitarist and love his voice too, whole thing just emanates warmth

this got me too

Loads fo good stuff today, most of which is already mentioned upthread. There’s also a new Sonic Youth live record. I’ll give that a (virtual) spin later

Office Politics is a riot. Neil Hannon does it again.

(Can see some despising it tbf)

Really dug this ^ ! Cheers for posting.

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Craven Faults - Nunroyd Works

Hypnotic, kraut-rock influenced modular synth workouts. Both of their previous releases have been absolutely in the sweet spot for me and the first track from this sounded great so really looking forward to this one.


Will give Palehound a listen but didn’t like anything in the run up as much as I loved Molly.

Divine Comedy too for sure, but first the new ones from Younghusband and Shonen Knife

Loads of stuff I wanna check out has already been mentioned - just listening to the new Seabuckthorn album which is really good stuff. Ambient, almost modern classical music made with bowed resonator guitar, a bit of synth and some percussion.


Queuejumper is the best thing they’ve done in ages.

Mike Majowski - Endless Happiness

Double bassist very much in the Ambient/Drone/Contemporary Classical field.


this sounds like my sort of thing - will definitely check it out

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Same goes for Mike Majowski - not heard of him before but sounds like it’d be exactly my sort of thing, so gonna check that out!

Liking “Office Politics” too now.

“Thus spake Zara Brewster” is my new favourite lyrical pun.

this palehound album is great, reminds me a bit of jay som

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Shock horror - I’m going to buy a new record this week, not a reissue! The new single from Le Superhomard is out this week, although I think it’s getting a proper UK physical release in a fortnight so I might wait until then and buy the 7".

There’s been good noises about the Vanishing Twin LP too so I might pick that up at some point too. And I saw there’s a new Roisin Murphy single as well, so that’s on the list.

Pixx and Yeasayer for me so far, going to keep an eye on this thread and see if anything else will spark an interest.

Younghusband ‘Swimmers’ is out today right? really liked Dissolver from 2015 so hope this will live up.

Excited for new Cave In based on what I’ve heard thus far (the 2 singles). Hoping for more Jupiter/Antenna era type stuff…

Yeasayer is pretty good. Most I’ve enjoyed one of their albums since their 2nd at least. Just more energetic and vibrant. Not essential but enjoyable.